STARGATE: Slaves Of The Gods - Session 2

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STARGATE : Slaves Of The Gods - session 2 held November 27th 2007

After a long and uneventful trip, the characters land in the Hollow Earth. There, they discover that they are in a lush valley ... and also run into a strangely armoured man whose helm is serpent-shaped, clutching in his hand a strange dark metallic staff with a slightly bulbous end. The stranger also just happens to be riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex. He points his staff at them, and exclaims "Kree!"

Yes, folks, that's the cliffhanger. A Jaffa riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Actually, it's a tad unfair to describe the trip as uneventful:

  • The characters stop off on their journey at the Falklands to check out the body of the washed ashore man with a serpent-shaped gold tattoo on his forehead (it's a Jaffa, Stargate fans!). They also discover that their leader, Sir George Hammond, is barking mad (in an eccentrically English way) and believes the world is hollow. He has also invented a self-propelled tunnelling machine that is comfortably equipped on the inside, complete with leather armchairs and a record player. And remote central locking. Much to their later relief as they are plummeting thousands upon thousands of feet to their certain and messy doom, they discover the machine is also equipped with a parachute (which fails) and an emergency rocket braking system (which does not).
  • The players, on the other hand, discover that the GM is quite incapable of doing any kind of plausible accent.