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System : Hollow Earth Expedition
Game   : STARGATE : Slaves Of The Gods
Player : James Hollywood

Archetype: Occultist Motivation: Power



Body 2 Dexterity 2 Strength 2 Charisma 3 Intelligence 3 Willpower 3


Size 0 Move 4 Perception 6 Initiative 5 Defence 4 Stun 2 Health 5


  • Investigation 4
    • Investigation (Enigmas) +1
  • Melee 2
    • Melee (Knife) +1
  • Empathy 3
    • Empathy (Lies) +1
    • Empathy (Intuition) +1
  • Acrobatics 3
    • Acrobatics (Breakfall) +1
    • Acrobatics (Contortion) +1
  • Survival 3
    • Survival (Arctic) +1


  • Psychic Sensitivity


  • Obsession


5'10, black hair and dark eyes. 23 year-old male.


"My name is Jhamak Bahadur Shah, I am one of the last surviving members of the Kirati people from whom the Gods themselves were descended. Lord Shiva, the Buddha and the great writer Valmiki were all Kirati.

For centuries my people were driven underground by the various people who came to rule Nepal over the centuries. My grandfather Bala worships and reveres his glorious ancestor, Shiva also known as the destroyer. Bala desires nothing more than to summon Shiva, and bring about the destruction of our families enemies and the world itself. When this is done the world will be remade and the Kirati will take their rightful places as rulers.

My grandfather's agents roam throughout the world, I was assigned to the British Archaeological Society, my role, just like all the other agents, is to find anything that will give us the power to summon Shiva. When we first heard about the discovery in Egypt of the Stone ring my grandfather recognised it from ancient scriptures as a gateway to the gods.

Now with a link to the missing ring, I am under orders to locate it and contact my grandfather so he can send his team to collect it."

Notable Events