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Metahuman Police Department

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James Hollywood's homebrew superhero/Judge Dredd background based on Cyberpunk 2020 mechanics.

Stories so far...

The Shrinking Assassin

Former scientist Dr Ray Palmer shrinks Cyborg assassins and programs them to kill his former bosses. Meanwhile a violent earthquake shakes the city releasing a mist from the old city below.

Quaking All Over

The Quakemaster claims he will destroy the city unless his ransom of $10 million is met. The heroes learn that he used to be in the Fearsome Foursome and interrogate his former comrades to learn his location. The Quakemaster turns out to be the villain’s daughter who wants the money to go to university.

Collateral Damage

The Fearsome Foursome were not pleased that the Judges turned up and their workplaces and interrogated them. So they kidnap the Hulk and attack the Central Justice Department. A lot of property damage ensues caused by both Judges and villains.


After stopping a bank robbery by servants of the Freeman the Judges are called to Robinson Park where a citizen is being attacked. That citizen turns out to be the Sorcerer Supreme. They learn the terrorist organisation HYDRA is after him. Deciding to infiltrate the base they found it is taken over by Yandroth. The Judges are helpless until Dr Strange turns up and together they defeat Yandroth.

To celebrate their first victory their boss, Judge Ramsay, arranges a poker night. However when they turn up his apartments been trashed and he's been kidnapped. Following a lead to a warehouse, the Judges go in with a SWAT team, only for the SWAT team to be taken out by a gang of vampires. The Judges are saved by members of the exorcist squad, who take out the vamps, however Ramsay and the head vamp are gone. Resuming their patrol, Judge Jaeger learns that the Freeman has people inside the Justice Department, a temporarily hospitalised Judge Dale spots a vamp going through medical files and Judge Keene is kidnapped by the acolytes of the Freeman. Judges Dale and Jaeger are called to the airport where the head vamp and Ramsay are holed up. With the help of Judge Schwar of the Exorcist squad, Ramsay is rescued.

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