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MPD: MPD was an experimental project to create cloned Metahumans with no affiliation to anything but the law. The first batch from that project, Judges Jaegar, Keen and Dale single-handedly saved the city from the villainous Vlad Fidatov. Their actions led to the validation of MPD and more clones were created and stationed all around the US. To make the transistion smoother for the voting public a cartoon series was created to promote the MPD called 'The Judges Three'. The cartoon featured Judge Jaegar as the beautiful busty blonde with a heart of gold as leader of the group, Judge Keen as the fast talking. Wise cracking, black speedster and Judge Dale as an insecure asian who always came good at the end. The Judges Three is one of the biggest hits on the cable vid ratings and has led to an increase in Judge Recruits. Judge Dale decided to take a leave of absence and start the 'Fleet Feet' courier service, 'for when your parcel needs to be there yesterday.

It's six in the evening and Judges Jaegar and Dale have just returned from a 12 hour patrol of the city. It's been a long day, lots of little crimes and criminals mean a lot more paperwork to fill out than normal. As you park your bikes you look forward to a long hot shower and bite to eat. As you open your lockers to hang your uniforms up Judge Gopher approaches you: "Hey guys, Ramsay wants you in his office, now! There's a situation at 'The Wall'."

As you all know 'The Wall' is the nickname for Waller Cube Block, the only category one prison in the area. The Wall contains the most dangerous prisoners including metahuman ones.

Walking into Ramsay's office you see Ramsay behind his desk poring over a blueprint with the Chief Governor of the Cubes, Tarquin Moff. Behind them are a man in a darker version of a Judge's uniform with a large six on it, who looks like _. Beside them is a normal Judge who looks like __. 'Governor Tarkin, these are Judges Jaegar and Judge Dale. If you'd like to tell them what you told me. .' 'Gentlemen, Two years ago Waller Cubes underwent a drastic remodel after a prisoner escaped. When it was rebuilt the Cube was equipped with an automatic lockdown in the event of a super powered riot or attempted breakout. An hour ago Warden Wolfe put the prison in lock down mode, but there was nor riot or escape attempt. Guards and prisoners began complaining of sore throats, dry mouths. Many were about to be rushed to the hospital when all communication was cut. When the ambulance crews arrived they found over a dozen dead guards outside the prison. They all had been infecte with some sort of mutated respiratory syncytical virus. Our resident doctors have nicknamed it Frenzy. It attacks the lungs and throat eating away at the flesh from the inside out, actually turning it into a gelatine like sludge, choking you to death. We do not know how many people have been infected with the virus but we do know it could break out of the Wall at anytime. Our specialists believe it to be airborne. We can wait for CDC to get here, once a host is infected the virus kills within 90 minutes and we may only have a few hours until it reaches the city. I'll leave it to Judge Ramsay to explain what needs to be done next. On this data pad we have information on the entire population of the prison. It contains files on every guard and inmate and a blueprint of the structure. Good luck gentlemen.'

'Thank you governor. Boys, this is a shitty job but you are best equipped to deal with it. A lab will be set up a mile outside the perimeter of the prison. What we need you to do is to break into the prison and find out who released the virus and obtain an uncorrupted sample. So far we have discovered that when the virus infects a human body it completely mutates. If you can get the sample to the lab we can develop a vaccine and solve this problem. Any questions?

Your helmets have visors, ensure they are down at all times, if the virus comes into contact with bare skin you could be infected.

This is Judge Shylock, Dale's replacement, the other man, for now, will be known as 'Six'. He is a specialist who I have asked to assist the team.

Talking of Dale I have hired Fleet Feet to act as a go between you and the lab. Get your sample to the courier, he'll get it to the lab, we'll give him the vaccine and then he'll give it to you.

OK go and prepare, Six I'd like a word with you. Ramsay says; 'This mission is potential suicide, I called you in on it because I have a dirty job that needs doing. If after half an hour you are no further forward, you will purposely infect a Judge, use your time freeze on him and get the pair of you to the Courier. We hope the fact they're clones will delay the spread of the virus long enough for us to get a pure sample. If we succeed in stopping the spread of the virus, I have, in writing, a signed contract from the Chief Judge to reinstate you with full privileges unfortunately if you fail you'll return to the holocaust unit.'

To get to the prison you have to (MAP Back Alley) break into an abandoned underground station, cut through the tunnel, (MAP Sewer System) break through a thick metal plate and you are in the power room. Six the room has more generators than you remember, as you walk through make notice rolls. All the generator pipes link up to one source, and there is a strange green glow coming from it. Hanging from a pole with around two dozen wires inserted into his glowing green translucent skin is a man. Above him reads the legend, Borman, Neil aka Hiroshima.

You leave the power room and head upstairs, you can see a number of dead bodies and hear people gurgling in their cells. Six takes you to E Wing {MAP} Customs Office). Slumped over their desks are dead officers.

Ok there are eight prisoners one of whom released the virus. The two Judges and Six fight the eight prisoners and only four of them escape. Thanks to Judge Jaegar getting infected a cure is discovered and the prison and the city are saved...for now.