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(A writeup for the Metahuman Police Department game.)

Speedsters are:

Jay Garrick Old hand in the game, was a superhero, Bart is his grandson and Jay has come out of retirement to help guide him. Both of them joined Fleet Feet as Jay thinks it'll be good for Bartto be around other speedsters. Bart Allan Sixteen year old speed prodigy, Bart is hyperactive and suffers from Meta ADHD. Pietro Voldemort Russian Speedster, defected from his native home land to work in America, is sending money back to his family in Russia. Hopes to make enough money so they can join him. Walter West Wally to his friends, Wally wanted to be a superhero like Jay but with the war and then the Judges he was never given the opportunity. Works for Fleet Feet as ther eis nothing else for him to do. Max Mercury Another old hand Max has been around for a long time, Max was given his powers by a shamen back in the 1800s. Max over the years runs too fast and bounces off of the time barrier and ends up a few decades in the future. Max is the Zen Master of Speed and is working to pay the bills, he is thinking of moving on.

Over their radios they are informed that the courier who had his hand was ripped off was collecting the diamonds on behalf of Nick Falcone, Falcone is believed to be the Kingpin of Gotham, the Organised Crime Unit are concerned this could be the start of a gang war. Let them interview for a while before Dale interrupts, he asks the Speedster to leave the room, then tells them quietly, 'Something's happened to Max. He turned on his emergency beacon. I don't want to make a big deal of this as if they know this they'll be off like a shot and contaminate the crime scene. I need you guys to sort this for me. I can carry one of you out there anyone else will have to make their own way.

Crime Scene Off the main highway into Gotham is a mile long furrow, at the end of this is a battered Max Mercury, it looks like someone's hit him with a sledge hammer. His face and body are battered and bruised and his legs are bent in a shape legs shouldn't be. 'Sorry Dale, they were too fast…" he says before blacking out.

Footprints around the area indicate a group of people surrounded Max, closer examination reveal only two sets of shoes. They are expensive shoes, one of them are Karl Bitterfield shoes, $5000 a pair, very popular with the up and coming city crowd. Max's pack has been ripped open and there is no sign of the package.

His pick up was in New Jersey for Mason Lang, an olive oil importer, he is angry when the Judges turn up, corporate protocol dictates that a Judge will make an appointment and turn up in civilian dress. How dare they? When they tell him about Max he contacts his secretary and tell her to delete Fleet Feet from their records as they are obviously incompetent. All he will say is that it was a highly secret genetically modified olive oil that will revolutionise the industry.

The delivery address is for a warehouse in Gotham. Waiting for them perched on a crate, is a buxom blonde in a very short skirt. She is obviously excited to see them and thinks it's part of her birthday surprise from Uncle Nick. Hopefully after some squirming they reveal they're the real thing and she's disappointed but invites them to her party tonight anyway. She is Nick's niece.

Ramsay tells them to back off Nick for now and wait for tonight. Judge Uhura pokes her head round the corner, 'Ramsay we've got a 2:1 Officer Down, sounds like your speedster.'

When they arrive it's a drug deal on a boat, heroin is everywhere and the five men in the room have all been stabbed 50+ times each. Two Judges are also dead, one of the five men was an undercover goon working his way up through the drug dealers heirarchy, they were coming to back him up after they heard the deal going south. Judge Foley, Narcotics division brings them up to date, they've just lost sixteen months of work, and he's pissed off. The goon was working his way to the top of the drugs food chain, who Narc are hoping was Nick Falcone. No division has been able to get anything on Nick and they were hoping to be the first. They heard about the courier this morning and they agree this is the beginning of a gang war. They've heard of a new drug called 'Flash' that has recently come on the market, they don't know anything about it and are currently trying to get a sample. They've been told it gives you a rush, maybe they mean that literally.

Later that evening they go to Falcone's party in civilian gear, during the party, after Jaegar flirts with Nick's niece Chastity, Falcone take them to one side. He has some information for them regarding Flash and wants their help to keep it out of the city and to shut it down. If they want to help follow him to the study. When in there there are two imposing gorillas and a smarmy looking thin man. 'Gentlemen, this is my lawyer Archibald Leech, he has some contracts I want you to sign. What I'm about to reveal to you could incriminate me and I want your written guarantee that what I tell you will not be used against me nor that you or your colleagues will charge me over this. If you sign these contracts John Stuart, my security advisor will search you and remove any electronic devices etc and leave them in a box on the desk. I'll then play show and tell, you can collect your gear and leave. Failure to do any of this and you will be escorted from the premises and the evidence will be destroyed. Do you understand?

Up to them if they sign, if they don't they leave if they do Falcone talks. 'As you probably know, I'm just a simple, retired importer, nut hypothetically speaking, what if certain super powered individuals were interfering with my business, what could you do?

If they mention drugs: 'If, hypothetically speaking, we were talking about drugs I deal, my drugs are nowhere near as bad as theirs. Flash is a meta-amphetamine, it's boosts your metabolism allowing you to run at 400+mph the down side is that to go that fast it feeds off of your body. To return your body to what it was you need to take another dose of Flash. Instant addiction. To get a sample of the drug is nigh on impossible, I captured one of these freaks on my ground and from blood samples we were able to synthesise the drug. That was what Fleet Feet were delivering to me earlier today, as you know they were intercepted. Would you like to see what the drug does to you?

The bookcase slides back and there is a chest freezer. Inside the freezer is a twisted human body which looks like a cross between an unwrapped mummy and an anorexic.

'This is William Edgars, William is a 22 year old hotshot lawyer, who used to have a great future ahead of him. When we caught William he was running from my mansion and caught his feet on a low garden trellis. He died four hours later demanding we give him Flash. As a concerned citizen I don't want to see people end up like this. Whoever is behind this has launched a concerted campaign against me, they are ripping off my runners, stealing my shipments. I know what is going on here, this is the first step into mass producing Flash. Fist they humiliate me, intimidate my organisation. My problem is I can't lay a glove on these speeders. They've got the muscle to squeeze me out and flood the streets with Flash, unless we work together. I will offer you any information and aid I can to help you. I have contacts you do not have and am prepared to pass this on to you? Are you interested? I don't expect an answer now, but I would like an answer within 24 hours. I know as Judges this must grate on you but we are the cities best chance of keeping this drug off the streets. For now, enjoy the rest of the party.'

Chastity flirts with Jaegar a bit more, and gets his mobile number. Make sure they enjoy the champagne. Chastity and other women may take them into another room, when this happens they hear a gunshot. Six masked men, wearing similar clothes and ski masks appear from nowhere. All armed with SMGs.

'Nobody move. We will be relieving you all of your valuables. Nobody tries anything and no-one gets hurt.'

One of Falcones goons pulls a gun, 'Drokking flash-heads, who do you think you are… ow!'

One of the masked men who was ten feet away from him is now holding his gun, he smiles as the goon's finger falls from the trigger guard. 'If you behave yourself old man, I'll give you your finger back, anyone else with suicidal tendencies.'