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(A writeup for the Metahuman Police Department game.)

After yesterday's ordeal at the prison you have all mostly recovered. Judges Shylock and Jaegar are called to Ramsay's office for today's briefing. Waiting for you are Ramsay and a new Judge , you can tell by his uniform. 'Good morning gentlemen, this is Judge Septimus, he has been assigned to you and I expect you to show him how we do things here in Gotham. Before you go out on patrol I want a full explanation as to how two of my officers allowed five metahuman prisoners and twelve other prisoners escape?'

Not good enough gentlemen, as of now your main priority is to re-capture and incarcerate all of the missing prisoners and as quickly as possible. The other Judges are looking for the normals, I have no doubt that the Metas will rear their heads soon. For now I want you to attend the Gotham art gallery. The director of art called in a possible 10:4 earlier today.

If they mention Hiroshima say: 'I note your concerns see what Director Francis wants and then I'll meet you at The Wall.'

The Mona Lisa was being installed this morning, as the men hung it there was a mighty wind and the picture and frame was gone.

On the video they can see a blur, forensics estimate the perp is moving at 500 mph.

If they go to the prison there is nothing to see, the tub is empty and Hiroshima is back in his cell, his jaw is wired shut, it got broken when they tried to put him back in his cell. There is a low level white noise buzz that stops psionics using their powers, it is necessary for prison security. Hiroshima is leaking radioactivity, the cell is surrounded by Boron rods in order to contain him. Ramsay can't see a problem so they have to leave.

As they return to the city they make notice rolls, a large area of the city has blacked out. They rush to see what it is. On top of a tanker bearing the logo 'The Cage Factory'. Septimus make an Intelligence roll, The Cage Factory transport Metahumans from across the city to the Wall. The walls are composed of reinforced Titanium, the magnetic locking system that seals the truck is revolutionary. You know, you were in one.

'Hello boys, remember us? On top of the truck are the Maximov twins, holding hands and smiling. 'We're about to go on a crime spree and didn't want you interfering, look after Grodd for us, ciao!'

There is a very large 'THUMP' and the truck leaps a foot in the air. Another THUMP and two large hands emerge through a hole in the roof. Emerging from the truck is a severely pissed off fifteen foot tall gorilla. If Sean uses his time powers he feels as if the gorilla has surrounded his mind and bites down on him. Stopping him use his power. If Jaegar tries the same thing he gets the treatment. Grodd will tear through the city, and try to kill Mark's character. Grodd will hit them with cars, girders etc. Meanwhile the twins will use their powers to steal all the gold from the vault of the First National Bank.

After that a 10:4 is called at the Second National Bank, a courier was taking half a millon bucks in diamonds when the suitcase he was carrying was literally ripped off of him, taking his hand with it. The courier will reveal nothing about who the package was for.

The Judges are advised to take the rest of the day off, let their wounds heal and get some rest.

The next morning in the locker rooms a Judge approaches them, "any of you guys MPD?" That courier we pulled the other day, worked for Nick Falcone, alleged Kingpin of Gotham. Any ideas why speedsters would want to start a gang war?"

'Very well, Ramsay wants to see you.'

'Good job yesterday with Grodd boys, I have an easy assignment for you today. I want you to go to Dale's company, Fleet Feet he has four or five speedsters working for him, I want you to get the details of each one and find out where they were when the crimes were committed. Report back to me with your findings and, of you have sufficient suspicion a perp for questioning.

The Couriers are: Pietro Voldemort, Jay Garrick, Walter West, Bart Allan and Dale. One other, Max Mercury is currently out on a job collecting a package from New Jersey to Gotham. Dale is very co-operative gives them everything they need and promises to send Max Mercury over to them when he gets back.