MPD Flash 4

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(A writeup for the Metahuman Police Department game.)

Edgars(?) travels back in time to warn John Stewart of the impending attack but to no avail. The Judges use their powers to beat the Speedsters who are crap fighters. Four of them are killed, one is put ina holding cell at the local police station and the other is left to Falcone's men to extract information from. The Judges notice they are getting more and more tired and eventually fall asleep.

The speedster's wallet and find the following: Driver's licence and corporate ID card for Jarret Kugel, 32 year old broker for Eurobank, black credit cards, easily a grand in loose notes and a clipping from a glossy magazine which reads:

'SEEK CHALLENGE? Suffering from Rubenstein-Barre Syndrome? Are you highly motivated, easily bored? Subjects sought for bio-chemical control of moods. 1619 Charter Street, Upper West Side.'

Meanwhile Falcone has found a similar cutting and sent the boys around. Vandal Savage sends his men to intercept and converts Falcone's men using Flash, to his side. He sends them back to trash Falcone's place and bring Falcone to him, which they do at six am. One of them goes splat into a truck.

Chastity arrives at the Jaegar's door, she got the driver who dropped him off to take her there. 'They've taken Uncle Nick, will you save him?' she sobs. They found this on one of those masked men (read above note) last night and Nick sent his men to negotiate with them. Please hurry I know he's in trouble, only you can save him. Please.'

The others also get a phone call, 'This is Ramsay, you are late, meet me on the G1 road ten clicks south of Chinatown, one of your speedsters has made a lasting impression on a Mack Truck, bring a spatula.'

Hopefully the Judge will go solo, if not back up will meet him there. When he arrives Falcone is sitting in an armchair talking with a large black haired, unshaven man who looks like a brute in civilised clothing.

'Soften up the Judge,' the Brute says.

Four speedsters attack him, before the brute grabs him by the throat.

'Little Judge,' he growls. 'You have given me an idea. Stop struggling,' he snarls and knocks you unconscious.

The others arrive at the crime scene, and on the front of the truck is a splattered human body, probably the grossest thing you've ever seen, (BODY rolls) failure means you throw up. 'We found ID on him, the name's John Stuart, mean anything to you guys?'

INT rolls if they can't, hopefully this will lead them back to Falcone's, where Chastity will tell them what she told the other Judge. Hopefully they'll follow the lead, as they travel through the city on their radios they here, 'We have a 10:4 in the Upper West Side, series of sonic booms causing severe property damage, back up needed immediately.

Unconscious Judge Jaegar comes around, he hears the Brute (Vandal Savage) say: 'Sit down, Falcone, my men will take care of little Chastity. Ah the Judge awakes,' he picks up a syringe. 'Stand back everyone, I am curious to see how this affects a clone.'

He injects the liquid in you, it feels like battery acid flowing through your veins, your boy has molten lava flowing around it, you just want to get out of here, get away from this man, these people. You sit up so fast you break the sound barrier, this fire under your skin is agony, the only way to get rid of it is to run. You leave the building, every movement you break creates another sonic boom, running down the street you scream as the fire inside you burns hotter, windows of buildings and vehicles explode around you.

The Judges fail to stop Jaegar, fortunately Fleet Feet are summoned by his comrades who catch up with him and vibrate the Flash out of him, however this results in a temporary loss of powers. The Judges investigate the building where Jaegar was being held and Judge Shylock is cuts his hand and requires hospital treatment.

Judge Septimus goes to investigate Falcone's residence and meets up with Jaegar who's on his way to see Chastity. When they arrive at the Falcone's they are captured by Falcone and his new colleague Vandal Savage. Chastity is actually Falcone's wife and Falcone wants the two Judge's dead. They are thrown into a holding area with Dr Rayner, a man in his fifties who has unwittingly created Flash and is being forced by Savage to replicate the drug. The Judge's promise him amnesty and a new identity in exchange for his help.

Meanwhile Judge Shylock has learned the brute is Vandal Savage and after reading his extensive rap sheet arrives at the Falcone residence with reinforcements. Savage forces Dr Rayner to inject the two Judges with a lethal dose of Flash but he injects Savage instead. Savage flees from the scene and a firefight breaks out between the Judges and Falcone's men. Fortunately the Judges are triumphant.