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This page is for listing games, scenarios and ideas you'd like to play. Whether it's "I want to play [insert game here]" or "I'd love to play something based on...", here is the place to suggest it. Our esteemed GMs can then use this as a pool of inspiration from which to draw, should they so wish. Add your wishes below. Don't forget to leave a name.

Apocalypse World

  • Robin Poole:Either using the default setting or making our own or using one of the mods from the forums - Deadwood apocalypse world appeals.
  • James Mullen: Still waiting to play this even once, so I'd prefer to go with the default setting, unless something else really appealing was proposed.
  • Johnathan Ellis

Bliss Stage

  • Robin Poole:Really enjoyed the campaign we played before and would love to do it again.

Cthulhu Dark

  • Robin Poole:Not sure its good for campaign play but definitely some one shots.




Dogs in the Vineyard

Don't Rest Your Head

Dresden Files

Duty and Honour

  • Matt Nott: Not really sure how to play this would love to try a one or two week game to run over the rules.
  • Martin Goodson : I wouldn't mind trying it either. Ditto for it's nautical sequel, Beat to Quarters.
  • Neil Smith: I'd like to give it a go, too. I think I'd prefer Beat to Quarters, mainly because I prefer Hornblower to Sharpe.
  • Robin Poole: Enjoyed running and playing this definitely up for that.
  • James Mullen: Another game where I've had the books for a while and never played it, so count me in too.


  • Neil Smith: The more I hear about this game, the more it seems like the perfect adventuring fantasy game.
  • Martin Goodson

Eclipse Phase

Fading Suns

In A Wicked Age


  • James Mullen: Works great as a one shot, but I'd like to try slowing the pace down and using all those franchise rules properly.
  • Robin Poole: Would like to try a game of this thats not so gonzo, also up for Unspeakable

Jaws of the Six Serpents

  • Robin Poole: Would really enjoy a longer term game of this.

Judge Dredd


Lacuna, Part 1: The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City

  • Robin Poole: A campaign of this would be really interesting and different.
  • James Mullen: A campaign? Maybe... definitely a one-shot at least. I hear Part 2 is on its way...

Mouse Guard

  • Robin Poole: Providing we could find someone who can learn the rules!
  • Neil Smith: The rules are pretty simple.

My Life With Master

  • Robin Poole: Very good fun, if grim game...would like to try maybe running this too.
  • Neil Smith: never actually got to play this.

Remember Tomorrow

  • James Mullen: Another game that's been great for one-shots but I'd like to play a less gonzo, more gritty series.
  • Robin Poole: Yes I do need to try a campaign of this sometime!
  • Johnathan Ellis



The Mountain Witch


  • Robin Poole: I keep meaning to run a Fate system mod of this setting!

Unknown Armies

  • Matt Sanderson: Published adventures or not, one-shot or campaign, just want to play again!

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Third Edition

World of Darkness

  • Johnathan Ellis: A World of Darkness game or two.
  • Neil Smith: Would like to try, but wouldn't be interested in deep, detailed background of over-egged teenage angst.