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Wish list

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This page is for listing games, scenarios and ideas you'd like to play. Whether it's "I want to play [insert game here]" or "I'd love to play something based on...", here is the place to suggest it. Our esteemed GMs can then use this as a pool of inspiration from which to draw, should they so wish.

Add your wishes below. Don't forget to leave a name.

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Avatar the last Airbender

  • Neil Smith: Personal growth through punching things!

Blue Planet Recontact

  • Neil Smith: I'd love to play on the water-world after running several games of it.

Mouse Guard

  • Neil Smith: being heroes in a world that's out to get you.

Pasión de las Pasiones

  • Neil Smith: all the OTT melodrama of a Mexican telenovela.


  • Sue S: I'd love to play this using the worldbuilding rules.

Thirsty Sword Lesbians

  • Neil Smith: Embrace love! Smash the patriarchy! And if someone wants to take this towards the Tingleverse, that would also be good.