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Various Conventions, RPGs, board games, online games and other activities that members of the club participate in.

Pastimes & social stuff

Other games and activities in which members participate.

Active Games

By Design

A 'Play by Message Board' Amber Diceless RPG campaign with participants from around the world and run by Kevin Dennis.

Hot War: The Law of Supply and Demand

A game running under the umbrella of the Compendium group, this is a tabletop RPG campaign, currently meeting on Monday nights.

Mutants and Masterminds Games

one superhero games running on Friday nights with James Hollywood GMing.

Edge of the Empire

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire James Hollywood GMing Space Opera stories on the Outer Rim.

Completed Games

Ancestral Voices

A 'Play by Email' Amber Diceless RPG Campaign with participants from around the world. Sadly Ancestral Voices is no more and the pages are here for reference only.


See the UK Convention Calendar maintained by Phil Masters and the Up and Coming Conventions list maintained by Darran Sims.

Concrete Cow

MKRPG's very own bi-yearly convention. Follow the link to see the latest news!


The AmberConNI gaming convention is held annually, in March, in Belfast, Northern Ireland and is a must for anyone wanting to join in in some exceptionally good Amber Roleplay. Other cons are held worldwide and information about them can be found at AmberCons. The 2013 Con will be from the 27th to the 29th of March 2015. Full details of the con can be found here.


If you love to LARP, freeform, play live games, or whatever you want to call it then Consequences is the place you want to be. If you've always wanted to try LARPing etc, then come join us! ... If you're a tabletop player, or a LARP player who wants to tabletop some of the time, or a tabletop player who wants to play the odd LARP then come to Consequences. There will be a fully supported tabletop arm. 20-23 November 2008.


Continuum is a biannual roleplaying, freeform and board games convention held at Beaumont Hall, part of the Leicester University campus Halls of Residence, from 1 - 4 August, 2008.

Continuum features the games and settings of Chaosium, Issaries and other notable companies, as well as hosting many large and small freeform games. Like Tentacles, this means plenty of Call of Cthulhu, HeroQuest, Elric, and others.


Furnace is a tabletop roleplaying game convention in Sheffield UK, taking place on the weekend of 18th-19th October 2008 at The Garrison Hotel.

There will be space for 50+ delegates and you are most welcome to join us for a convivial weekend of roleplay gaming amongst the seven hills of Sheffield. Set in a former army gaol, 4 of the gaming tables are set in the cells of miscreants and scallywags. Where better to game!


The Tentacles Convention is in Germany over 9 - 12 May 2008. It's an extravaganza of all things Cthulhu, HeroQuest, Elric, and others. Stunning location, friendly locals (who all speak English), good victuals, only E95 for bed, breakfast, and dinner. What could be better?

Other clubs

The Phoenix Games Club is a RPG club that meets in London.

Nerd: London is an umbrella organisation for gamers all all sorts (RPGs, LARPs, computer, board, etc.) in and around London.

The London Indie RPG group meet one Saturday a month to play various indie RPGs. MK club members often attend.

The Beds and Bucks gamers play boardgames in Leighton Buzzard once a month, and in Aylesbury every week.


Club members have playtested a number of RPGs, both at and outside the club. This is where the write-ups live.

The Dresden Files

A few club members are testing the new Dresden Files RPG outside the club.

A Taste for Murder

Playtest on 1st April, 2008

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