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A Short Block is a series of three weeks between long blocks. There is a block calendar on this wiki.

The short block gives an opportunity for people to try out new systems and different styles, try gaming with different people, and generally experiment. The short block gives variety throughout the year as well as acting as occasional buffer space between long blocks. The short block is also a good time for new members to visit the club before they're expected to commit to a long-block game.

Role Playing Games in a Short Block tend to last only 1–3 weeks. Some short block games are proposed and organised before the block starts; many others are offered ad hoc on the evening. Board and card games are also often played, depending on the whim of participants.

Voting for games for the following long block happens in week 2 of the short block. Week 1 of the short block is often used for "try before you buy" sessions, to give people a chance to try a new or unusual game before deciding whether to play it for the following long block. Holding the vote in the middle of the short block allows the GMs of games running in the subsequent long block time to prepare.

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