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Beings Met


Other People

  • Veniathan - A sorcerer of the Darkness, who can poison people by chewing on their weaponry
  • Drew - A minion of the Darkness that seems to believe that he and Octavia share a father - Corwin.
  • Nathaniel - Another Darkness minion, one who seems frightened of his own shadow...


  • Voltaire - Octavia's Selle Français stallion.
  • A raven - Octavia had a chat with one while bound to a tree.

Places Visited

  • Shadow Earth - Octavia's Shadow of birth.
  • Well of Darkness - Somewhere in the middle of the dark forest near Amber.

Items and Artefacts

  • L'Aiguillion - Octavia's sword, a cavalry saber with roses and vines worked into the hilt and scabbard.