The Cursed Darkness - Agony - Locations

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The various locations of import that Agony has visited.

  • Shelby – A moon orbiting the planet Harvest. Agony lived at the main spaceport on Shelby until she left home at eighteen.
  • Triumph – A border planet inhabited by agricultural societies. People on Triumph belong to fringe religious groups and moved to Triumph to avoid contact with most other folk.
    • Dead Goat Saloon - The Dead Goat Saloon is probably the most interesting bar on Triumph. Some bars are known for providing nightly entertainment involving feathers and sequins; others for the high likelihood of finding someone with which to engage in an affable round of fisticuffs. The Dead Goat is the watering hole of choice for persons wanting a good drink, a quiet corner and perhaps to make a few illicit connections. Furthermore, the owner is exceptionally uninterested in names and faces, and sports a terrible memory.

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