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Major Cast

  • CaineCaine introduced himself to Agony when she was seventeen, shortly before she left the moon of Shelby for good. She ran into him frequently on various spaceports and in assorted bars. He taught her self-defence, improved her shooting technique and gave her tips on flying. In the years since they first met, Caine has become a trusted friend.
  • GerardCaine introduced smiling, brown-eyed, well-armed Gerard to Agony in the Dead Goat Saloon on the moon of Truimph. While cutting an imposing figure, Gerard was ever the gentleman, concerned about the welfare of not only his newly-met niece, but of the nefarious Corwin.

Minor Cast

  • Lyle and Millisandra Rees – The couple who raised Agony. Mr. Rees runs the shop and lounge while Mrs. Rees orchestrates Introductions to Well-Placed Persons for her daughters. Agony does not keep in touch with them.
  • Jaren – A former Alliance pilot, Jaren left the service for unknown reasons. He now works as a mechanic for the Rees Repair Station on Shelby. Agony keeps in touch with Jaren on the Cortex.
  • Iris, Lily, Rose and PosyAgony’s four younger sisters. Golden-haired and lovely, they are decidedly allergic to work and are looking for successful husbands.
  • Jamie – A pilot with the unique advantage of owning his own ship. He often hires Agony to help him fly cargo in and out of dangerous areas.
  • Tomaz and Sheiko ShifflaAgony met Tomaz on Persephone shortly after leaving home. He and his wife, Sheiko, provided a home for Agony while she was finding her way. They and their two children consider Agony family.
  • "One-Shot Will" Anderson – Will Anderson is a former professional Gunfighter, a sport outlawed by the Alliance. These days Will hires out as a personal security profession. His reputation sometimes helps him get jobs, but can often prove more of an annoyance. Anyone who wants to prove himself tries to take a shot at The Famous One-Shot William Anderson.

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