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Scott Pugliese

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Also known as Scott the Imposter, Scott the Clone, Scott the Reimagining - Scott is member in good standing since April 2009. An avid role player in his high school and university days, with some dablings later in life, Scott has been grateful for the opportunity to role play on a regular basis again. He is very enthusiastic about the group, and often encourages potential members to join through word of mouth. Scott's favourite role playing genres are sci fi in general, space operas/sagas, wierd science themes, futuristic settings, and spy fi - all smattered with humour where possible. He especially enjoys heavily developed character background stories and games with heavy roleplaying emphasis. Scott is a massive fan of sci fi and spy fi of all medias. Don't be alarmed, he is actually neither an Imposter, a Clone, or a Reimagining... he's just a garden variety shapeshifter working for an unknown agency.