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This page details the various spacecraft encountered in STAR TREK : Strange New Worlds, a STAR TREK campaign by Martin Goodson


Watchtower 12

The starbase designated Watchtower 12 is a small communications relay and monitoring station located in deep space on the fringe of the Drakaera sector. Originally placed on station upon discovery of the isolationist Drakaeran Imperium, for over eighty years nothing of any import happened there. As such, it quickly became a dumping ground for Starfleet undesirables, misfits, no-hopers and incompetents.

Following the recent opening up of the Drakaeran Republic it is likely that Starfleet's presence in the sector will increase, leading to Watchtower 12 being replaced by a larger starbase.

The station is currently run by Commander Marcus Fleming, a man notorious throughout the fleet for his hypochondria.

Federation Starships

USS Apollo

The USS Apollo, NCC 15497, is an Excelsior-class starship that was the first Starfleet vessel to arrive onsite to render aid to the Drakaeran Imperium following the destruction of the subspace parasitical entity designated The Drakaera by the crew of the USS Wyvern. At the time the Apollo was commanded by Captain Taevel, a highly experienced Bolian officer.

USS Endeavour

The USS Endeavour, NCC 71805, is a Nebula-class starship. Under the command of Captain Dmitri Amasov, the Endeavour has recently been assigned deep-space exploration duties in the Va'Kessa Expanse. Assigned to the Endeavour as pathfinders is the USS Wyvern and crew.

USS Lancashire

The USS Lancashire, NCC 62011, is an Excelsior-class starship that came to assist the USS Wyvern when the Wyvern encounterd an inhabited "Planet Killer". At the time the Lancashire was commanded by Captain Vel Tharis, an Andorian that had only recently assumed command of the vessel.

USS Wyvern

The USS Wyvern, NCC 71313, is a Gryphon-class tactical runabout, originally assigned to Watchtower 12. The Gryphon class was developed during the Dominion war, a failed experiment to produce a fast tactical runabout capable of deploying a strike force swiftly and stealthily into hostile territory. Over-powered and over-armed, whilst early tests showed promise it was discovered that the stresses from the engines, coupled with the drain from the abundance of tactical systems, affected flight stability and gravely impacted the structural integrity of the hull. Although designed for a maximum speed of Warp 8.3, the ship was at risk of exploding whenever pushed above Warp 4.

Due to the shortage of ships after the Dominion War, rather than be decommissioned the Wyvern and her sister ships were assigned to low-priority low-risk operations where they could be used within safe thresholds. The Wyvern was assigned to Watchtower 12.

Following the prolonged efforts of Starfleet Engineer Morbrok Brok the Wyvern is now capable of travelling at speeds of up to Warp 5 safely.

Other Vessels

Drakaeran Cutter

The Drakaeran Imperium maintained a small fleet of ships, known as Cutters. Cutters were uniformly obelisk-shaped, with hulls made of a golden-metal covered in numerous glyphs and runes, but were of varying sizes.

Each ship was capable of high-speeds, had extremely advanced protective shielding, and very powerful weaponry. It was later discovered, however, that their technology greatly relied upon the natural ability of Drakaerans to create and manipulate subspace fields. Each ship was, in effect, powered by the Drakaerans manning it.

When the natural ability of the Drakaerans to manipulate subspace was subsequently removed Drakaeran Cutters were left greatly weakened, their speed hugely reduced and their defensive shielding and weaponry almost completely negated.

Planet Killer

The crew of the USS Wyvern encountered an inhabited Planet Killer in Conversations With A (Planet) Killer. It was revealed that the Planet Killer was extra-galactic in origin, a vast 'space ark' that was taking refugees from a destroyed world to a new world. Unfortunately the computer controlling the ship had been 'lobotimized' due a collision between a stellar fragment and the 'Planet Killer', and had been reduced to a near child-like state where it was only capable of randomly navigating and refueling itself by devouring worlds. The inhabitants, left to fend for themselves, had reverted to a state of near barbarism, looked over by a jerry-rigged computer containing the remains of the consciousness of one of the Planet Killer's pilots. They believed themselves to be in the belly of a great beast or dragon, looked over by a mighty wizard.