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This is a list of characters appearing in STAR TREK : Strange New Worlds, an ongoing STAR TREK campaign by Martin Goodson


A middle-aged (600 years or so) member of the Servitor race, A'Elfris was the servant of the First Drakaeran Triumvirate. After the destruction of The Drakaera and the subsequent radical political reconfiguration of the Drakaeran Imperium into the Drakaeran Republic, A'Elfris went on to become the Chancellor of the Republic. Like almost all members of the Drakaeran Republic, he has a degree of hero worship for the crew of the USS Wyvern that, whilst at first endearing, rapidly became annoying.

Amasov, Dmitri

Commanding officer of the USS Endeavour. Captain Amasov is a human male, and well respected throughout the fleet for - amongst other things - his encounters with the Borg.


The last surviving member of the crew of the Planet Killer. Upon his death he transferred his consciousness into the remaining vestiges of the life support systems in order to look after, and see to the safety of, the Passangari. He had become legendary in the myths of the Passangari as a 'wizard' who looked after his people from afar.

Bacteria, Sentient

A rare species of interphasic bacteria that was launched into the atmosphere of Kelmaka II by person - or persons - unknown, presumably in an attempt to destabilize the colony. The bacteria had the unique property of being able to attain some manner of sentience when formed into suitably long and complex chains within organic bodies. This meant that the bacteria was able to 'possess' people that became infected by the bacteria, and slowly gained sentience whilst doing so. This had the unfortunate side effects for the host of being incredibly painful, and any attempt to communicate with an infected person telepathically could only result in hearing screams ...

The situation was resolved amicably when it was discovered that the bacteria could symbiotically exist within the bodies of Drakaerans without causing any of the pain and suffering caused by residing within human bodies.

Brok, Morbrok

Engineer assigned to Watchtower 12/USS Wyvern (and a brief time at Starfleet Command on Earth) during season 1. A male Tellarite, Ensign (later Lieutenant) Brok was played by Anthony Edmonds, and was responsible for numerous improvements to the performance and safety of the USS Wyvern. Reassigned to the USS Wyvern during season 3.


Administrator Dar was the leader of the Drakaeran colony world of Kelmaka II. He, much like all the other colonists on that world, was incredibly boring. To be fair, this was not his fault.

Drakaera, The

A colossal parasitical entity that had survived the destruction of its universe by attempting to flee into our universe, but had been trapped in a deep subspace domain ever since. The Drakaera was barely sentient, working on the level of animalistic cunning, save when exposed to sentient beings where it was able to 'leach' some of their intellect. The Drakaeran species were an offshoot of this entity, though they had no conscious knowledge of this. The Drakaera had been luring ships, and living biological matter (specifically, the Servitors) to devour for uncounted millenia, in an attempt to form a critical mass of matter from our universe to enable it to emerge. The entity was defeated when the crew of the USS Wyvern detonated the warp-core of an antiquated Constitution-class starship, the USS Defiant, in the atmosphere of the planet the creature had been gestating in. The resultant massive anti-matter explosion destroyed a large chunk of the planet and sealed the subspace rift the creature had been manipulating.


A species formed from the mass of The Drakaera, the Drakaerans are a species with a collective intelligence, and capable of manipulating subspace fields to their own ends. Although consciously unaware of the creature, the Drakaerans had been unwittingly responsible for the murder of uncounted millions of members of the Servitor race through a false religion ('The Drakaeran Way', as epitomised in 'The Book Of Drakaera'). With the destruction of The Drakaera the Drakaerans lost much of their ability to manipulate subspace (though that is slowly returning), and had an overwhelming sense of guilt for what they had done to their Servitors. Indeed, such was their guilt that their usual method of greeting is now to announce 'Hello. We are not evil.'

Drakaerans usually appeared in groups of three, known as 'Triumvirates', although individual Drakaerans also appeared. Indeed, one (the so-called 'Rogue') was instrumental in the destruction of The Drakaera.


The remaining, and quite mad, vestiges of the control computer of the Planet Killer designated itself as this when identifying itself to the crew of the USS Wyvern. In Passangari myth, Elor was a great dragon that had swallowed the Passangari people eons ago as punishment from the gods. Only Amaxa kept them from destruction in the great wyrm's belly.

Fleming, Marcus

Commanding Officer of Watchtower 12 during season 1. A male human of average height, Commander Fleming had a strong dislike for most of the crew of the USS Wyvern except for medical officer Tarren, whom he quite liked due to her treatment of him for numerous ailments and conditions. Needless to say, most (if not all) of these conditions were non-existent, as Commander Fleming is renown throughout the fleet as something of a hypochondriac.

Gaarl, Morglek

Commander Gaarl, a Tellarite male, is the Chief Engineer of the USS Endeavour. Little is known of him, save that he is due for retirement soon.


A female of the Servitor species, Karel was 'assigned' to the rogue Drakaeran that assisted the crew of the USS Wyvern in defeating The Drakaera.


A male of the Servitor species, Kerit was 'assigned' to the rogue Drakaeran that assisted the crew of the USS Wyvern in defeating The Drakaera.

Kirn, Erak

Headman of a Passangari village the crew of the USS Wyvern visited during their mission within the Planet Killer. He grew angered at the insult to his village offered by the crew, and fought Ensign Rokath Tarren in a blood duel. Despite Tarren losing the duel Kirn was impressed by his courage and gave the crew leave to enter his village.


Andorian medical officer assigned to the USS Wyvern during season 3.


Half-Klingon/Half-Trill Counsellor assigned to the USS Wyvern during season 3.

Moriarty, Elizabeth

First officer of the USS Endeavour, Commander Moriarty is a human female born on Mars. Little is known of her, save that she is a tall red-head, and a survivor of the battle of Wolf 359. She has served with Captain Amasov for a considerable time.


The wife of Dar, and also 'Queen' of the Sentient Bacteria.


The Passangari were the remains of the passengers of the Planet Killer. They had reverted to savagery, with a culture roughly analogous to Earth's vikings. Externally they were virtually identical to humans, with only a few minor internal biological differences.

According to Passangari myths they were travelling the stars in the belly of a great beast, a dragon known as Elor. Only the great wizard Amax, who looked over the Passangari from a tower far away, kept them safe from being digested in the belly of the wyrm.


A primitive humanoid race, the Servitors were discovered by the Drakaerans uncounted millenia ago. In return for their species being significantly 'upgraded' culturally, scientifically and technologically they agreed to serve the Drakaera. This initial agreement later took on a religious overtone when the 'Book Of Drakaera' was released, and most Servitors soon regarded serving the Drakaerans as a religious obligation. Servitors are all white-haired, though in other respects they match the Human template. They have a greatly extended lifespan (upwards of a thousand years is not unusual) though whether this is natural for their species or the result of Drakaeran manipulation of their species is not known. To their credit, when they learnt of the Drakaera instead of wiping out the Drakaerans they chose to forgive their former overlords. They now live in harmony with their former masters in the newly-formed Drakaeran Republic.


Lieutenant-Commander Sevik, a male Vulcan, is the senior flight control ('Conn') officer of the USS Endeavour. He is newly assigned to the ship.

Shaw, Tarjin

Engineer assigned to Watchtower 12/USS Wyvern during season 1. A female Human, Ensign (later Lieutenant) Shaw was played by Ben Fortune.


Wife to Erak Kirn, and thus 'headwife' of the Passangari village visited by the crew of the USS Wyvern.

Stadi, Jerana

Command-branch Helm/Conn officer assigned to Watchtower 12, and subsequently given command of the USS Wyvern, during season 1. A female Betazoid, Ensign (later Lieutenant) Stadi was played by Kevin Dennis.


Tactical officer assigned to Watchtower 12/USS Wyvern during season 1. A female Vulcan with apparent severe mental problems, Ensign T'Saia was played by Lewis Little.


The commanding officer of the USS Apollo. Little is known of him save that he is a Bolian Male, and highly experienced.

Tannekar, Arene

Engineering officer assigned to Watchtower 12 during season 1. Little is known of her, save she is a Bolian female.

Tarren, Rokath

Medical Officer of Watchtower 12/USS Wyvern during season 1. A male Centauran/Romulan hybrid, Ensign (later Lieutenant) Tarren was played by Alex Vincent.

Terren, Zarana

One of the first Cardassian officers in Starfleet, Zarana was assigned to the USS Wyvern during season 3 as the Conn/tactical officer, and given overall command of the mission.

Tharis, Vel

The commanding officer of the USS Lancashire. Little is known of him, save that he is an Andorian male and has only recently taken command of the vessel.


Vulcan science officer assigned to the USS Wyvern briefly during season 2, and subsequently during season 3. Nicknamed 'Hot Pants' - best not to ask why.

Yha, David

Lieutenant Yha is a male human of Korean descent, though he was born on Vulcan as his family were working there at the time. He is the senior Operations officer ('Ops') aboard the USS Endeavour.