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Martin Goodson

From Milton Keynes RPG Club
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About Me

Hello. I’m 49, and I first started role-playing back in 1982. I've been a member of the club since 2007, but took some time off in 2018.

I’ve lived in Milton Keynes since 1979. By profession I’m a PostgreSQL & DB2/UDB Database Administrator for an international bank, but don’t worry — it’s nowhere near as interesting as it sounds.

What kind of role-playing do I enjoy?

Action adventure. I’m in it to roll the dice, save the day, and defeat the bad guys. Preferably whilst looking cool doing it. Or, if the game calls for it, I quite enjoy playing villains.

Games I’ve run at the club

STAR TREK (Last Unicorn Games edition), Pathfinder, Airship Pirates, Smallville, Hollow Earth Expedition, Mutants & Masterminds, Serenity.

Games I’d like to run at the club

Fading Suns, Star Trek (2D20 version from Modiphius), Starfinder, TORG Eternity.