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Upcoming long games

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This page is for games that will be on offer for some upcoming long block, though not the next one. Firm proposals for the next long block are on the Proposed games page. Create sub-pages where necessary, or this might become a big list! If ideas in here sound interesting to you, please leave a comment, or contact the GM in question.

Odyssey of the Dragonlords (continued)

Thylea is a foreign land, set across a great expanse of ocean.

Great Beasts wander her plains, and fey creatures haunt her woods. Centaur tribes war for control on the steppes, and reptilian savages battle across her islands.

Settlers have struggled to survive on this land at the beginning, forever having to choose between appeasing the cruel Twin Titans or fighting a losing battle against the land’s natives.

In time on Thylean shores arrived great champions of the old world, the Dragonlords! They heralded an upheaval and overthrew the Titans, and thus the Oath of Peace was forged. Then followed 500 years of peace.

The Oath of Peace is now coming undone and the Titans once again tightens their grip upon the mortals…

  • NOTE: The game will follow the pre-published modules with homebrew elements and stories mixed. Playable classes and races from other D&D publications welcome!

Game details

  • Continuing Game - Returning players have priority
  • Proposed by: Dev D
  • System: D&D 5e
  • Players: 4–6
  • Level: Starting at 7
  • In Person

All ain't cool in the Kulak (continued)

Lizards playing between giant mushrooms

We rejoin Kulak island with the Vurnuk tribe still grappling with the arrival of a group of strange smelling, overly moist newcomers who have established an outpost on the north side of the island. All manner of strange things have been introduced to their world, the curiously delicious squeakernut, the delicious blood root, furry hadrosaurs and more weirdness.

New revelations are yet to come, secrets within and without the Kulak will bring even more upheaval to the island and it's inhabitants - and revelations that reach far into the destiny of both cultures.

  • GM : Robin Poole
  • Players 5 (Preference given to returning players)
  • System : Adapted D&D 5e
  • Tags : Science Fantasy, Weird Settings, Role Reversal, 2nd-4th Level
  • In Person

Journeys through The Radiant Citadel (continued)

OThe Radiant Citadel has flourished as a place of diplomacy and trade, as well as a repository for history and knowledge but, under closer inspection, the city is revealing that it may not be the utopia it once presented itself to be. Trouble in Atagua has flooded the city with refugees, overwhelming the citadel and forcing the Speakers for the Ancestors to shutdown the Concord Jewel that permits passage to Atagua. A decapitated body has been found within the city, with no clear suspect, the Truth Seekers are having a hard time investigating the case. As rumours circulate that this may not be the first beheaded victim within the city. The revelation of the existence of the Undercity, a place where magically manipulated criminals are exiled to, to see out the rest of their days within the mines as punishment for their crimes.

As well as discovering all this, our party have so far resolved a generation spanning family feud between two families, a feud that was being fuelled to serve the interests of another trade family within the Dyn Syngh Market, as well as uncover a humanoid trafficking operation moving elf maidens through the city that had mistakenly captured a Dryad called Willow, thinking her to be elven, until separation from her Terral for too long led to her physical deterioration. Now the party are attempting to escort Willow back to her home in Godsbreath, known as the Ribbon. The agricultural communities of this formerly fertile land falling on hard times of late.

There is adventure to be had with Journeys through the Radiant Citadel

Game details

  • GM: John Holton
  • System: 5e
  • Players 3+
  • In Person or Online - In person