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(Using the Dungeons and Dragons rules)


The PCs are all members of a tribe known as the Amoxtli. They live in the foothills of the Ghostcrag peaks, and have the mixed fortune and misfortune to be in possession of a plain that extends above the worst of the Shroud and can actually be used to grow some crops. This allows them to feed themselves, and even have some surplus for trade, but also makes them targets for other nearby tribes.

One such tribe, the Eztli, are former rivals, now turned bitter enemies. They have been striking against the Amoxtli, using guerilla attacks, trying to drive them away. This has not worked yet. They are staring to step up their struggle, turning to monstrous mercenaries, black magic, and the worship of old, dark gods.

Yolote, the leader of the Amoxtli, has put together a team to try to find ancient weapons and magic that can be used to defend the tribe. As the game starts, they are raiding a temple to a forgotten god, long thought lost, in search of a device only known as Sepulchre.

Player Characters

Sepulchre – Warforged Fighter (Robin)

Borsif of Many Paths – Apelord Rogue (Neil)

Hiraz Coldscale – Dragonborn Ranger (Martin)

Mindartis Taha – Eladrin wizard (Sam)

Rem – Dwarven Cleric (Jeremy)

Key NPCs

Leader of the Amoxtli (pr yoe-LOE-tey, ar-MOESH-tlee)
Yolote's son (pr nar-HWOO-karss)
Friend of Borsif and would-be lover of Nahukas (pr ey-HEY-hwartl)
Hiraz Marakal
Coldscale's adoptive father, a witchdoctor, seer and crazy old hermit who lives in a nearby cave (pr EE-rarz mar-RAR-karl)
Necromancer, worshipper of The Umbral Claw and creator of Sepulchre (pr EESH-tlee)