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Borsif of Many Paths – Apelord Rogue (Neil)

(A character in the D&D Shroud campaign.)

How your character fits into the tribe. Was he born into it, or has he moved to their lands and tried to fit in. What is his role in tribal life? How well does he fit in?

Think of at least one important NPC. This can be a friend, enemy, relative, mentor, or anyone with whom your character has a strong relationship. I only want a very brief outline -- just a few sentences.

The tribal leader (call him Yolote) has a bit of a Churchill complex: he likes special forces, innovative fighters, and the like. That's why he's supporting this rag-tag bunch of adventurers that are the PCs. When my Apelord PC turned up as a refugee from the destruction of his home by the Shroud, Yolote thought he would be a perfect fit for his commando squad and gave him a place in the tribe. (Cue formal initiation ceremonies, whole tribe watching, ululation and feasting, and other such jolliness.)

This fascination with funky fighters has rather put the nose out of his son, Nahukas (Nah-hwoo-kas). He's solid, dependable, reliable, and a little bit staid and boring. As befits a person of his position, he's the leader of the tribe's normal fighing men. I'm imagining blocks of spearmen, lots of organisation and drill, things being done in concert. Solid, reliable, not much flair, but they kind of get the job done of defending the tribal borders. He really doesn't like the PCs as they're daddy's current favourite and in danger of stealing all the glory while he does the quiet job of defending home when we're off swanning around. (Perhaps he's also an immigrant, adopted as Yolote's son. That would make his position that less secure and his ill-feelings towards us that more intense.)

A long-term goal for your character. This isn't something they'll achieve in this block, but should shape their decisions and actions.

My PC was forced to flee the destruction of his own tribe. Perhaps others escaped? He needs to find them! Maybe his wife and child still live somewhere?

(There's the other hook of trying to find the person or thing that organised the attack on the ape-tribe's lands. If you want to use that to set up a villain with a history, do so, but I wasn't aiming to have a character driven by hate and revenge.)

An achievable goal. This should be something important to you, but something that can be dealt with in the course of a session or so of play. There will be an XP reward for completing this.

One of his closest friends is Ehehuatl, a nice young girl. She's madly in love with Nahukas, but he doesn't notice her. Perhaps their two families have a history of bad blood? Ehehuatl has asked my PC to help get her and Nahukas together as 'an item'. Ahhh...

Note that Nahukas is the chief's son, who hates the PCs.

Note that my PC is a seven-foot tall scary gorilla.

Note that my PC's only trained interpersonal skill is 'Intimidate'.

This should be straightforward.