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Mindartis – Eladrin Wizard (Sam)

(A character in the D&D Shroud campaign.)

How your character fits into the tribe. Was he born into it, or has he moved to their lands and tried to fit in. What is his role in tribal life? How well does he fit in?

Mindartis travelled to the tribelands to investigate the powers of the witchdoctors and see if it could aid the Eladrin in their efforts to resist the shroud.

Think of at least one important NPC. This can be a friend, enemy, relative, mentor, or anyone with whom your character has a strong relationship. I only want a very brief outline -- just a few sentences.

My main NPC would be Tlaloc, the village witch doctor. His relationship to me I see as a slightly detached 'professional' relationship. we respect each others way of doing things and are both eager to share knowledge in the aim of helping our people but also don't quite 'get' the others standpoint as to the origins of magical power or how it should be used.

A long-term goal for your character. This isn't something they'll achieve in this block, but should shape their decisions and actions.

Mindartis is also keeping to himself, working on achieving a 'level' in society that matches his Eladrin nobility. I think more a sort of inherent superiority rather than a deliberate conceit - he's been raised knowing that Eladrin are intellectually superior and deserving of a better station in life - he doesn't push this down peoples throats but it makes him distant and difficult to establish a relationship with. Therefore he naturally fell in with the 'outsider and weirdo' faction that is the PC's as they had more in common with him than the villagers.

An achievable goal. This should be something important to you, but something that can be dealt with in the course of a session or so of play. There will be an XP reward for completing this.

Another NPC is Tayanna (means sunray) - a lovely village girl who Mindartis has fallen madly in love with. The difference in class, culture, race and aspirations means he must deny his feelings for her or turn his back on most of his beliefs.