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Sepulchre – Warforged Fighter

(A character in the D&D Shroud campaign.)

Sepulchre was created by a powerful human necromancer, Ixtli who wished to cheat the Bone Witch of the bodies of a group of adventurers who long thwarted his plans and killed his family - even though their bones were protected by the bone witch from being raised, he constructed a golem from them and magically animated it, forcing it to serve him. Sepulchre however rebelled against its masters, aided by the dead spirits of those it was constructed from and set about avenging its creator, eventually killing him. Now without purpose, it became a follower of the bone witch, performing tasks similar to that of The Pale Wanderer.

Sepulchre eventually ended up captured and deactivated by the cult of Ixtli, imprisoned in one of his followers temples, deactivated by an enchanted scroll. (a la Mr Vampire)

Personality : A firm believer in the tenets of The Bone Witch, it believes suffering is a required part of living a life which is pure, it is practical and will make do with whatever is thrown at it with a grim automaton like determination despite how grim circumstances may be. Knows and cares little for the nuances of living society, though it is sometimes plagued by memories and feelings of the spirits of the adventurers it is constructed from. Sepulchre vehemently prefers to be called It rather than He or She.

Looks : 7 foot of bone interlaced with Dwarven plate and knotted black sinew, supplanted by a large human skull with glowing amber eyes encased in a thick helm. The chest is constructed from at least 3 rib cages, tightly packed and interspersed with more metal. Each arm similarly a mix of yellowed long dead bone and tarnished runic steel. Its left arm is attached to a huge star shaped heavy shield with the symbol of the Bone Witch in its centre, while the right is capable of becoming twin axe blades or, extending from the top and underside of each arm, the curve of a huge bone longbow.

How your character fits into the tribe. Was he born into it, or has he moved to their lands and tried to fit in. What is his role in tribal life? How well does he fit in?

My character is known to the tribe, the dead temple it resides in has long been known to the village but it is considered cursed and none have travelled there, at least till now when times are difficult and desperate measures to recover artefacts must be taken. He is likely feared, despised or both by members of the tribe and the living in general.

Think of at least one important NPC. This can be a friend, enemy, relative, mentor, or anyone with whom your character has a strong relationship. I only want a very brief outline -- just a few sentences.

Ixtli's cult died out long ago, but with the coming of the shroud it is once again popular, to the extent that the necromancer himself has once again been raised from the dead and is abroad in the land. Using the turmoil to grow his power base once again, he fully intends to bring Sepulchre back under his control as it should be.

A long-term goal for your character. This isn't something they'll achieve in this block, but should shape their decisions and actions.

Destroy Ixtli and his cult once and for all.

An achievable goal. This should be something important to you, but something that can be dealt with in the course of a session or so of play. There will be an XP reward for completing this.

Make contact with the Bone Witch through some of her priesthood and once again enter her service, this may well be difficult as most would believe Sepulchre to be an abomination.