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Blood Rose Circle

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The Blood Rose

There's a whole other world out there. One of magic, mystery, and horror. Problem is, the Average Joe doesn't seem to care. There are a few, however, that know the truth. By choice, or by nature, you are part of this other world, and it's always been up to you what to make of it.

Not any more. The streets of London have been plagued by darkness, and those that have stood against it are dead, or worse. Their sacrifice has bought time, but the darkness is still out there, and someone else is going to have to finish the job.

You have been chosen. You don't know who by, or why, but it's happened. Now it's time to get ready, because something is coming...

The Legacy

What has gone before can be as important as what is yet to come. In this section, you'll find write-ups of the game so far, both from players, and the GM.

The Circle

The Blood Rose Circle is not a thing, it is people, and these people each have tales of their own. This page will serve to contain any info on the player characters that people may care to submit, such as descriptions, background, etc.

The Others

There are a lot of other people out there, some of them not even remotely human. Here you'll find information on specific NPCs, as well as general data on types of creatures they you might find yourself running into...

The Tapestry

Nothing exists in a vacuum, and this section contains information on the places, mundane and otherwise, that make up the setting of the game.