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The Recent Past


The recent spike in the capital's murder rate made the national news, with anywhere up to four people being seemingly tortured to death every night for two weeks. Then that changed, and the numbers went up, and the style changed to that of pure slaughter. Another week of that, and it all stopped. At least, it returned to it's normal level. Also, roughly at the same time as the killing spree ended, there were reports of a bombing attack on the Tower of London, an event that resulted in a significant amount of blast and fire damage to the historic building, but no apparent casualties.


Something bad has been happening lately. Some particularly vicious idiots got learned the rites required to summon one of the more feral and powerful demons, and set about the fortnight of ritual slayings required. Some guys decided to try and put a stop to this, but couldn't track the cultists down fast enough to stop them from succeeding. Sadly for the cultists, it seems they massively underestimated the power of what they had summoned, and met a rather fatal end when it escaped.

After another week or so, the demon was tracked down and confronted at the Tower, but it seems that though it was stopped and banished, no-one has heard from or seen those who went after it since.

Session 1.0 - Prelude

The somewhat demented ramblings of Nick

The revealing of the other side all started one morning after yet another rough night. I was woken from a nap by a banging from downstairs, when I went to investigate i saw a female who made super-models look like they fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. She was looking for black magic being practiced in London, as far as I am aware this kind of thing is just people pretending, but what do I know. I thought I may as well help her it not like I have anything more important to do. I showed her the CCTV footage of the pas couple of weeks, and sorted out mugs of tea, I then went for a nap, when I awoke I was informed that I hadn't been to sleep and that it was a premonition, I then explained the vision I had had.

In my vision I saw a woman in Westminster abbey in the dark, she was being attacked by something that my mind could not process, she was utterly destroyed, then a newspaper fell from her grasp and was illuminated by a street lamp the date on the paper was todays, and the edition was not that that was on sale this morning.

My guest apparently noticed someone performing black magic on the CCTV, thats when the walls of reality started to look a little shaky!. I explained that the person in question was a regular, and told my guest about her.

It was then I decided to clean up the bar, but it was not only clean, but long stained carpet was no longer stained, however a complex pattern had appeared in the middle of the dance floor, I was interested in so I went and found a camera and attempted to take a photo of the pattern, however it evaporated off the photo. I came down from the DJ's booth, and checked that the painkillers I was taking did not cause hallucinations, they did not, it was whilst reading the bottle and starting ranting that I tripped over the step down to the dance floor and broke my nose, the blood from my nose started to move towards the pattern, that is up hill!. My visitor healed my wound instantly, I have no idea how that happened. It was then my blood touched the pattern.

All of a sudden I found myself and my visitor were in a clearing, in a fragrant forest, in the center of the clearing there was a pillar of dense briars, with a blood red rose on top, the rose was covered in deep blood red dew. I looked around, but was interrupted by my visitor, who had found some amulets in the shaped of roses, I picked one up and when I did the chain it was on changed from a fine chain to one more suitable for a man. I put it on and started to look for a way out, I found a passage, which led to another clearing.

This second clearing contained many cairns of crystals, each one had a rose petal shaped crystal on the top, each petal had a name and dates on it akin to gravestones however some of the individuals that these cairns remembered were phenomenally old, with dates such as N/A - 2007. There appeared to be several from earlier this month.

Session 1.1 - Getting to it...

The continued demented ramblings of Nick

I wondered back to the pillar of briars, and tried to figure out how to get home, wishing I was back in the pub. Then suddenly I was returned to the club. Shortly afterward Serena appeared in the bar as well. Shortly after arriving back the old bill turned up, so as usual I gave them a mug of tea and the CCTV footage. They were investigating a murder near the night club. Serena and I decided to go have a little peruse of the aforementioned crime scene, there was nothing much there. So we decided to head over to where I saw the fight in my vision.

Whilst heading to the tube, someone was following us, its not uncommon in London. Whilst getting on the tube we met Samantha from the club, I sort of introduced Serena to Samantha. The a possessed bum started speaking to us about the metaphysical, that was kinda disturbing, but more was to come.

We arrived at the alley and hid, however the vision I had, kinda didn't go to plan! The woman who was supposed to rip the demon limb from limb got her head crushed and was then thrown down the alley. Serena attacked the Demon-thingie, and I tackled him, it went slightly wrong, I ended up being thrown down the alley. Then a sickening crack as everything went black, for a while, the the world slowly came back into focus, with Serena healing me again. We returned to the club via the rose clearing, I then headed upstairs and I collapsed.

I woke in a field of twinkling stars, some of which were flaring red and disappearing others appearing, there were too many to see. I headed over to a nearby one and prodded it, I took over some delivery person in Delhi or somewhere similar I was then kicked straight back out, one flared red next to me and I grabbed it.

I awoke in a female body with a gunshot to the chest which instantly healed, I removed the dead man sprawled over me, got dressed and headed back to the club, you have no idea how hard it is to walk in a female body when your used to the male. I got to the club and eventually got in. I collected my things from my corpse.

I had a quick premonition and headache and headed to the clearing, There there was a second path which lead to a big book, we looked at various thing, I updated the entry on the Soul-Forge, the twinkly star field.

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