Blood Rose Circle - Setting

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For a rough guide to the mundane world of the setting, may I suggest an A to Z?


The logo of the Nocturne nightclub

Owned by Nick, this nightclub was converted from an abandoned warehouse. Nick spent a large amount of his own money turning it into something that resembled a night club. Nocturne got rave reviews from the beginning, and shortly after opening has always full and has something of a reputation for being the kind of place the weird people go to party...


The Forest

This is where the Blood Rose itself can be found, as well as a few other bits and pieces, such as the memorial grove, where small crystal cairns mark each of those that have fallen in the fight since human habitation began in the place called London.


Home of the creatures of the same name, Fae is a wild, and highly changeable, place that overlaps the mundane world. Many of the same geographical features are present in both realms, but there are often distinct differences...

The Soul-Forge

A field of stars glowing white and red on a black background. This is the home of the souls of mankind. Each star is a living human. Each soul flares red and disappears as the human dies. If you touch one of the white stars you gain control that person momentarily.

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