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James Illing


Nick grew up with his parents in a small town called Penicuik, Penicuick lies just outside Edinburgh on the southern side.

At the age of sixteen he started tending bar at a night club in Edinburgh called Studio24, where he was trained in the usual skills. He quickly learned how to make the house cocktails as well as spotting who was acquiring more glasses than they should be. He quickly gained both the trust and respect of his colleagues. He got into his fair share of fights whilst tending bar and performing more administrative jobs. It kept him out of trouble and also helped with his CV.

When he was a child he always wanted to be a doctor, however when it was time to choose degree courses he didn't have the required qualification to be matriculated onto a medical degree, so he reluctantly stuck to what he knew, he attended the local university and studied business.

When he went to the local university he stayed in halls for the first year making friends with all the other students that lived in the block. After the first year Nick and his family puchased a flat for him in the city center near to the night club he worked in.

At university he joined the rugby club and played for both fun as well as competing for the university, he was well suited to the position of 2nd row, he appeared to have a knack of throwing off tackles and knocks, he was fairly good at scoring due to his ability to be difficult to take down.

He continued tending bar at Studio 24, slowly rising up the ranks of bartenders and Djs until he made head bartender. It was whilst tending bar that he met his long term girlfriend Angelica.

Angelica was about 5ft 8 tall dark hair, with stunning blue eyes, it was clear that they were going to be close from the very beginning, she quickly became his girlfriend. She taught him how to drivem which strengthened the relation ship. Angelica was a wiccan and he became both familiar with the practices, religious festivals as well as the rituals and mythology. Whilst still tending bar, playing rugby and doing fairly well at university he became interested in the occult in general. Eventually after 3 ½ years they mutually broke up, as they didn't get much time together, but still remained good friends.

After 4 years at Edinburgh University he graduated with a 2:1 in Business management after completing his study in Entertainment and leisure management. It was on the way back from his graduation ceremony that his parents were killed in a car crash. He was still in Pottersrow (the Student Union) celebrating one last time with his friends. He was depressed for about a month afterwards, but his friends helped him through it. When the will was settled and after the funeral he decided to quit his job and start afresh in London.

He used his inheritance to buy A small club in the Camden area, he spent all his time doing up the club and rebuilding it into “Nocturne”, the club launched very successfully and Nick quickly took to management. The club soon became the night club of choice for the rock / goth community in the area.

Nick currently has no girlfriend, and is busy running the club, he employs enough staff to run the club but is almost always to be found either tending the bar or chatting with clients. The club makes a reasonable profit that affords nick a suitably lavish lifestyle, that was until recently, when he started suffering horrifically vivid dreams that are almost indistinguishable from reality, after the dreams usually follow crippling headaches. He is now not without his asprin, and is starting to get the nasty feeling that those weird dreams he's been having might just tie into reality...

... he was killed in a fight with a demon near Westminster abbey, he came back to life, returned to the club, and collapsed, he then returned in someone-else's body. Nick is currently occuping a dead female corpse.



Shelly Formann



A Fae in London, investigating dark magic, and finding far more than she bargained for...

I lived with my family in the Fae world, i am the youngest in the family my eldest brother is the most powerful magic user in the world. He sent me to London to investigate some dark magic and strange things that have been happening in there.

"Why am i here? This is crazy, i know nothing of the humon world,"

"Go to the Humon world new born and find the dark magic users but dont not interfear with them, find them and report back, even if you have nothing keep in with the time frame, understood?"

"Yes brother"

"Yeah nothing to report i had a lot to report and it made him worry. I should have said hello earth to stupied peolpe iam a new born in the ways of magic, iam not that good iam only 19, i shouldnt even have started yet i should still be an unborn this is so crazy"

Even though i was in the heart of the dark magic i wasnt scared untill somthing stranged happoned, somthing started to call to me someone was summoning me to this giant tower, the tower of london.

i maged to get away from it but as i was walking along the street there was a young girl in the road she looked victorian then a lorry went throw her, she was a spirit, she pointed to a sign down the road i went to it, it was something called a nightclub.

"I bet this is where i can find some dark magic, now what did sis say about entering places?"'

"You must always knock first if there is no reposne then leave and go back later, it the door is open knock then call hello and call at least 3 times,"

"Youngest sister if you sence its a place of dark magic do as Yui says but then go in, if you get caught just say well i called into you"

"Franz dont tell her that, Erile plaese just send me iam the best she's only a new born"

"yes but shes a earliy new born as i was so she could be quit good she has many spells if she works on them that is, and knows many things so give her a go"

"Very well then"

"Ow yeah knock then shout hello, here gose"

Check out my family- [[1]]



Ben Fortune


It was late, and yes I'll be honest I was more than a little drunk. There was a guy, I never did get the chance to ask his name. He was, spicey, fun, and yes it was his house we were walking to. He said it was a shortcut, personally I thought it was just a dank alley that would be better avoided. Then again he should know his own neighbourhood. I never saw what attacked us. It came from behind, something large, it rammed into me like I was nothing. I guess at that point I hit the pavement. I don't remember anything after that until I woke up in my bed at home. My clothes were gone, but that was hardly a cause for concern. What did worry mye somewhat later on was that I didn't have my nightclothes on. At the time I was more concerned by the fact that someone, or something had taken a chunk out of my shoulder. My sheets were covered in blood, to this day I still don't know why I didn't bleed to death in my sleep. Still I could still move it so all I could really think of to do was to dress it as best I could and try and find out what happened.

Well returning to the scene didn't help so much. I mean yes it confirmed that as far as I could remember what I thought happened, had actually happened. All I found when I got there were two, rather worried looking and supprisingly nervous policemen with some evidence bags, every now and then one of them would pick up a piece of something. Though at the time I had a disturbing impression it might be a piece of someone, and put it into a bag, seal it, and stow it in a backpack. There were large patches of clean stone on the ground. Thinking back that stands out more than anything else. Why were those areas clean when the rest of the alley was covered in the grime of months. Mud, small colonies of moss and lichen, used condoms and unidentifyable stains, even the occasional syringe looking like a sailing ship among the filth. The seedy residue of a London back alley that even the prostitues had abandoned. The reason those patches had been cleaned seems somewhat obvious now. Blood is, even against a background of mud and grime, fairly recognisable. Especially to the kind of person who might frequent this alley. So someone, probably the police actually, had cleaned up after themselves. Of course the faint chalk outlines of body parts. Not a whole body, but most of one, torn apart, was something that I only really noticed afterwards. When I looked back over the whole gory incident. Obviously I must have noticed them, but the full horror of it, that my late night partner had been hacked to pieces, like some childs doll, and then discarded like so much reffuge, was too horifying. I had no idea why someone would do that to a person. That must be why the police were so nervous, they have a psycopath on their hands. One trip to the bathroom later and I was then the proud owner of a horrifying mystery.

Well the only thing I can really do now is to head back to Noctune, its a bit on the dark side for me but perhapse, just perhapse, someone can shed some light on who my partner was, and why I'm still alive...

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