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Time and Tide - Episode 8

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  • A storm-battered Innsmouth lies spread across multiple time zones; we open on Navidson picking himself up and running into a stranger who takes him to the Lutheran church in the 1850s, where he is addressed as Obed Marsh!
  • Inside the church, Colonel McCloud is revealed to be Colonel Marsh, Obed's son! The congregation are resolved to defeat the False God and complete the rededication; Navidson shoots one of the cowled figures and spreads his blood over a statue which he places on the altar, pushing the crucifix to the floor. Cthulhu accepts the sacrifice and chooses a vessel: Green! She pins Navidsion to the ground with a knife over his heart...
  • Time shifts and the above tableau finds itself in the temple in the 1920s, lying on the altar just as the Follower of the Father is about to sacrifice Jane McCloud! Navidson attacks the FotF in order to replace him, grabbing his knife-arm to slit the FotF's own throat with it! Jane and Robert call out to each other: Jane says "Jane!" and Robert says "Robert!"
  • Kristina & Jadviga are preparing to leave the cave when Green arrives armed with a gun and a shoggoth: she has come for the children! It's not the same Green that Kristina knows though... Kristina tries to take control of the shoggoth, but ends up blacking out. When she comes to a despondent Jadviga tells her that Green has taken the children.
  • Leo is organising the rescue center at the school but gets involved in an argument with his Aunt Elspeth about the Mayor; gradually, Leo slips into Herod's speech and mannerisms until we see that he has completely transformed into Herod again. Herod tries to drown Elspeth in a wall of black water that bisects one corridor as a result of the temporal schism, but she is saved at the last moment when a decayed figure attacks Herod, screaming at him "I died so that you could live!"
  • Modern-day Green is spying on the church in the 1850s, which still contains the scene from the 1920s... Navidson, Robert & Jane emerge and Green tries to kill Navidson, since doing so while he is in the body of Obed Marsh will undo everything that has taken place! There is a battle of wills when Navidson tries to bluff her into believing that he will/has travel/travelled back in time and sabotaged her gun, but she pulls the trigger... BANG!
  • Jane & Robert flee from the above, arriving outside the school at the same time as a panicked mob of children run out. Zombie Petersen stumbles towards them as Colonel McCloud and Captain Petersen arrive in a jeep: the zombie goes on the rampage, trying to kill the McClouds, grabbing a machine gun that the Colonel fires at him and twisting it around to spray Jane & Robert with bullets! As she passes away, Jane finds the strength to impart her secrets to the Colonel in the form of her private diary...
  • Dead Navidson, with a bullet wound going right through his head, faces Cthulhu's displeasure: Cthulhu manifests as Mayor McCloud, but with an uneasy, writhing shadow... It was his intent for the children of Green & Navidson to rule the world in his name! Navidson impresses Cthulhu with a plan to use the time schism to have many children who will rule in all times! Cthulhu heals the entry wound in Navidson's head (but not the exit wound in the back) and returns him to life with the power to move through time.
  • Kristina & Jadviga come across an earlier, pregnant version of Green in a cafe where she argues with another version of Petersen about her condition and their relationship, before they part acrimoniously. Kristina questions a confused and suspicious Green about the children, hoping to get a clue as to what the future Green would have done with them. Jadviga follows Green to the lighthouse, where she has set up a makeshift lab...
  • Herod transforms back into Leo, who calls the decayed figure his father! It is revealed how Leo gave up half his life to allow Herod to live when the cancer he had was killing him faster than his transformation into a Deep One could save him. Leo's father tells him that Herod cannot be trusted: he lied to Leo about what really happened to his father, who was sacrificed to make Herod's scheme work. Leo also discovers that he is not really a Black, merely a foundling... Leo finally finds the strength to be his own man and pushes Herod down into the depths of his mind, to be called upon when needed.
  • Navidson and Green mate to produce the Children of Cthulhu: multiple images of them are seen in the mirrored walls & ceiling of their hotel room, each image from a different part of time... We see a montage of townsfolk who clearly bear a resemblance to Navidson & Green: they are the cultists who flocked to Navdison previously and each of them has the writhing shadow we saw earlier.
  • Deep Ones carry Jane's body from the school to the casino, where she is laid on the roulette wheel, the hole in her flesh allowing us to see the zero on the table. She is not fully dead yet though and with the help of the Deep Ones, she recovers, whereupon she proposes to be the bride of Dagon! He accpets and we fade to black... then fade up on a nude Jane on a beach in the 1920s, pregnant with hybrids in the same way that Jadviga was previously.
  • Navidson is at the temple where he instructs his children to go forth and infiltrate the powerful organisations of the world; there is another montage of people with writhing shadows, such as statesmen, military leaders, business moguls and so on. A report about the flooding in the North East cuts to a news anchor with the shadow; even a meeting in the White House where they all have the shadows...
  • Jadviga returns to the cavern and informs Kristina that Green has scattered the children across time, so some of them will already have grown up as citizens in modern day Innsmouth... She then passes Kristina a memento of Dillon: one of his fingers! She wants to see Dillon again and Kristina tells her to look away for a moment...
  • Leo ascends the lighthouse and finds Jessica there, transfixed by what has happened to Innsmouth. Leo kisses her passionately and tells her to remember him, then takes a piece of scrap and smashes through Navdidson's eldritch macninery. A rift filled with green light opens up and shines out from the lighthouse, sweeping over the town, restoring normaility piece by piece.
  • Green and Navidson observe the above from their hotel balcony; he takes her to see the remains of his handiwork and she wants him to rebuild it, but he tells her that this time he is going to do things differently...

Stay tuned for the final, gripping episode!