Time and Tide - Episode 9

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  • Leo is caught in the green glow c reated from his sabotage of Navidson's eldritch machine; as the light fades, it changes tone, becoming bright sunlight reflecting off the crowd gathered for the unveiling of the new town sign for "Innsmouth" by Mayor Leo Black. Navidson arrives and starts shooting but Leo has turned the Sheriff away from Navidson, who is pistol whipped and taken away.
  • Leo & Jessica share morning coffee at her place and he proposes, but is distracted by a call telling him Navidson has got out again! He leaves Jessica without hearing her answer, forgetting all about her for the moment.
  • Jane, the Colonel and 2 Deep Ones argue over Dagon's need for a sacrifice at the Devil's Reef Casino; Jane assures them that she has thing sunder control...
  • Navidson uses his contcats amongst his children to call in nuclear strike to deal with the Innsmouth problem!
  • Kristina, who has stepped into Green's shoes, is interrupted mid-ritual with Jadviga (both naked in her office!) to be informed of the above. Jadviga panics but Kristina manages to calm her down and get her to take the coven to shelter in the caves, as that is what Dillon would have wanted.
  • Kristina bursts in on Leo in his temporary office, to tell him what she knows and to ask if he has dug anything more about her mother. He thanks her and assures her that he is working on it; as he leaves for the Casino to confer with Jane, he deletes an e-mail relating to Kristina's geneaology from his laptop.
  • Deep Ones manhandle Leo into Jane's presence but a quick manifestation of Herod cows them. Jane pressures Leo to help bring the followers of Hydra under the leadership of herself & Dagon, using adoption paperwork about himself and Jessica as leverage, but Leo refuses to bend to her.
  • Jane visits Kristina in the cavern and tries the same powerplay through her, but all Kristina is interested in is bringing the families back together, not power brokering. Jane gives Kristina a dossier about the nuclear strike plan and Kristina agress to go with her back to the Casino to pool their resources.
  • Green & Navidson arte in the lighthouse: she is horrified by his plan, but he explains that only a cataclysm of this magnitude will force Dagon & Hydra to re-unite! He sways her back to his side by demonstrtaing that his time manipulation powers will save both of them from being caught in the blast.
  • Kristina seeks her mother out via a ritual at the casino and sees the above scene: Green is her mother! She shares what she knows with jane and asks if she knows what she is doing. Jane tells her to read the dossier carefullly and Kristina does so; her comment is "Oh fuck"
  • The coven continues with the ritual but are interrupted by the casino listing violently as a result of an explosion out at sea: janes says "They're late". The action switches to a nuclear submarine sailing inot Innsmouth harbour under attack from Deep Ones: they break in and slaughter the crew in a frenzy, leaving sea water and marine life in thei wake. Jane is no a nuclear power!
  • Leo is having Tea with Aunt Elspeth discussing the adoption papers which indicate that he and Jessica are both hybrids: Keo believes that this means they are brother & sister but Elspeth tells him that there was more than one hybridisation. Jessica then arrives after being invited by Elspeth behind Leo's back: she is still angry with Leo who can't think why. He proposes again but his phone rings to tell him what Jane has done; he finally relaises what it is that is stopping Jessica from saying yes, so he drops hi phone down the waste disposal and promises to pay more attention to her. She says yes but asks what he & Elspeth were talking about before she got here: Leo dismisses it and disposes of the adoption files.
  • Green, navidson & Leo go to the grand opening of the casino on the first tourist boat: the Japanese tourists love the Deep One 'costumes'. Jane greets them and makes Navidson recant Cthulhu; Green summons a shoggoth to interfere but she is taken away by the Deep Ones and Navidson must finally forsake the Sleeper once and for all.
  • Kristina does not trust her mother, refusing to believe that she would allow herslef to be caught so easily, so she interrogates Navidson, who tells her that she will have gone to the sub to launch the missiles! Kristina puts him in a timeloop, forcing him to experience his fatal shooting over & over, forever.
  • Kristina and Green battle for control of the missile launch panel in the partially flooded sub; Kristina summons a shoggoth but in the confined space it merely pushes them both apart and starts damaging the bridge. Green tries to drown Kristina but a sea snake attacks her, dragging her donw below the water. Unfortunately, the shoggoth's actions hace started the countdown: fade to black...
  • ...and fade up on the beach for the wedding of leo & Jessica sometime later. As Leo lifts her veil, she sees it is actually Herod standing there, who starts to rave at the crowd about how they'd all be nothing without men like him. A quick thinking Elspeth steps forward and gives him a sharp slap, which restores Leo to dominance and the wdding goes ahead. As we pull back at the correct angle, we can see that Jessica is already pregnant... and something moves under the skin of her belly.

End of Season 1