Time and Tide - Episode 7

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  • Green surrounds the Mayor in the Town Hall with her goons and tear gases his office; he calmly slips on a gasmask and carries on working. His mooks fight off Green's goons for long enough for him to make an ordely escape. As he leaves, he says "No outsider burns down my building" and detonates a thermal device which razes it to the ground.
  • An argument between Dillon and his Grandfather is interrupted by Navidson's cultists fire-bombing the house. They take away Dillon's grandfather.
  • Leo confronts Kristina over her deception/seduction: she fails to convince him that he's responsible for her condition, but he does agree to introduce her to Herod. We cut away before we see what happens next.
  • Navidson is pouring over his schemes & plans; the Mayor argues with him about what he has done and is planning to do, but they are interrupted by Deep Ones led by Dillon, come to get his grandfather back. A bloodbath of epic proportions unfolds, as the cultists fight the Deep Ones and Dillon's loyal pagan friends. The Mayor is spotted fleeing the carnage by Green, who moves in after Dillon's grandfather is removed to safety, and captures a battered Dillon and Navidson.
  • Flashback to 1928 "Colonel" McCloud orders his subordinate, Petersen, to begin the final solution by bombing Devil's Reef; when he balks at this, McCloud shoots him. McCloud is taken into military custody, but behind him, we see a 1920s Green calling in the airstrike.
  • Mayor McCloud is visiting Kristina in her maternity cavern, where a resurrected Petersen wearing an eyepatch is out for revenge. He shoots McCloud and as the Mayor lies bleeding from his wound, Kristina regains control over Petersen and snips off one of the Mayor's fingers.
  • Dillon & Navidson arrive at a camp outside town, where a doctor is told that they are his latest subjects for dissection. An Interflora man arrives with a bouquet from Kristina, containing a taunt aimed at Green! Green is infuriated and throws her weight around, ordering the reluctant surgeon to start the procedure right away; while her guard is down, Dillon uses his heritage to open a portal in a water cooler and he drags Jadviga away through it. Navidson takes some glass from the smashed water cooler and slashes the doctor open! He calls upon the power of his god and the sky darkens...
  • Dillon takes shelter in the drop-in center, where he finally takes action... by sacrificing his grandfather in the name of Hydra!
  • Leo & Navidson meet in the lighthouse, against a backdrop of terror in Innsmouth: a terrible storm of supernatural power lashes the town, destroying buildings and taking lives. Leo asks Navidson to think about the aftermath and what they will do with Innsmouth: Navidson agrees to forsake Cthulhu in return for more earthly power, starting with the Deputy Mayor's post. Leo takes Navidson into his confidence by introducing him to Herod.... which he does by physically transforming into his grandfather!
  • Navidson furiously works through the night to complete his mad scheme in the lighthouse, an unholy science which will have a big impact on Innsmouth soon...
  • Jane is called to the cavern by a dying Mayor McCloud. This moment has been prepared for and he transfers his essence into Jane's body, but not every trace of her soul is extinguished...
  • Kristina wants the Mayor's dead body preserved, but zombie-Petersen has an 'accident' and burns it!
  • Mayor Jane swims out to meet the followers of Dagon and argues with the senior Follower of the Father: he remains loyal to Green's plan and rejects Jane's offer of the new temple... but his own folowers turn against him. They tear him apart and Mayor Jane makes a point of eating his eyes.
  • Dillon takes Jadviga to Kristina's cavern for one final sacrifice... himself! He transfers his spirit to the hybrids and Kristina immediately goes into labour.
  • Dark forces gather to destroy the town; the Sheriff, a cultist, means to dig up Herod's grave, but Leo confronts him. He begs the Sheriff not to go through with this, but he will not relent; as he digs downwards and reaches the coffin, a decaying arm punches through the wood and grabs him!
  • The loyal cultists turn on Navidson at the lighthouse (where he is using shards of the broken Cthulhu statue as a hammmer), but he fends them off with insane strength, even picking up Creek and throwing him down into the furious sea below.
  • Mayor Jane leads the Deep Ones in a chant of "To the surface!" and they ascend to build the casino. Green tries to use her own occult powers to stop this and both of them battle it out on an invisible plane, sacrificing their own followers in great numbers to squeeze out every last drop of power available to them. The Mayor wins the battle though and Dagon rises from the deep!
  • Kristina and Jadviga watch the young hybrids in their tank, with Kristina bringing Jadviga onto her side by suggesting that this was Dillon's destiny and everything has been prophesized...
  • There is a final montage of Innsmouth under siege from the dark gods who have been summoned: a vast black wave builds to an impossible height as it approaches the harbour... Navidson races against time to complete his work, eventually beseeching Cthulhu once more for the power he desires. The power is granted to him, just as the wave crashes over town and destroys it!