Time and Tide - Episode 6

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  • In a direct follow on from last week, the Mayor announces that the town is under attack and pulls a hand grenade from Petersen's body. Green walks in with her goons and claims Federal Government jurisdiction over New Gloucester. A gunfight breaks out between DoD goons and the Mayor's mooks, during which the Mayor is tasered and taken into custody.
  • Leo visits the Mayor in jail and is told to read the leters in the box that Navidson found on the abandoned boat. He refuses to listen to the Mayor anymore, but as he leaves, he inevitably calls Navidson to make a deal.
  • Kristina's Big Break Out Scene Removing a small case from somewhere very personal, Kristina enacts a rite which summons something into the detention centre; there is the sound of gunfire and mayhem from outside her cell as she sits there, smiling. A stressed Green bursts in to confront her and behind her we seen an irisdescent thing with many mouths descend upon a hapless guard. Green tries to use Krsitina as a human shield to make her escape, but drops her when she comes face to face with the thing. Green then displays her own knowledge of the Mythos to take control of the thing and orders it to attack Kristina!
  • Navidson has the box and Leo arrives to take it, but Navidson has booby trapped it with dynamite! He succesfully bluffs Leo into thiniking that he'd blow them both up and Leo backs down, agreeing to bring the Cthulhu statue to Navidson in return for the box.
  • The Mayor arrives at the detention centre under armed escort but the driver of his secure van is panicked by the mayhem taking place; the Mayor grabs the opportunity to incapacitate the driver by putting his handcuffs around his neck! An injured Kristina leaps in to join him as the thing chases her; they drive back into town at high speed with the thing devouring the van from outside! As they approach the mass grave site, the van slews wildly, knocking a small news crew down into the pit, with the thing dropping down on top of them...
  • Dillon is at his grandparents' house where they tell him that Jadviga's pregnancy has been foretold. He is persuaded to act and goes off to see Kristina, to ask for her aid in saving Jadviga's life. After he leaves, his grandfather says, "You know what we need to do now"
  • As Kristina and the Mayor arrive at his house, Green already has it staked out, with Jane McCloud held at gunpoint. Green asks Kristina to come to work for them and be the vessel for the new breed, but Kristina reveals that an undersea encounter has left her barren! She counters Green's offer by stating that she knows mmore about this than Green's whole department and that Green will have to accpet her terms if she wants this to go any further. Green acquiesces and together with the mooks, they go down into the caves...
  • Leo begs Aunt Elspeth to help him recover the statue from the Deep Ones; she is reluctant to contact them, but then Herod arrives, having escaped from the detention centre in the mayhem... but only Leo can see or hear him and Aunt Elspeth looks aghast.
  • There is a standoff in the caverns when the Mayor, Kristina, Green, Green's mooks, Dillon and Jadviga all arrive at the same time. Jadviga is at gunpoint, the mayor starts chanting, Deep Ones arrive...Kristina makes her move and rips Green's womb from her belly as the Deep Ones slaughter the mooks! The senior Follower of the Father arrives with a statue, Kristina uses the sacrifice to become the new mother, transferring the young carried by Jadviga into her freshly plundered womb, and those still standing pray before the staute.
  • Navidson gets the statue from Leo in return for the box and immediately takes it to perform a ceremony; he sacrifices his loosely stitched on finger and begs Cthulhu to choose him! His prayers are answered as the ordinary seeming Innsmouthians who are secretly followers of Cthulhu arrive to pay homage to him; his new followers include several extras we have seen before and Alan "Shit" Creek!
  • Down below town, the Mayor and Dillon try to forge a new destiny; the Mayor persuades Dillon to use his heritage to save Green's life by mending her torn flesh. Dillon does so, but the flesh which grows is scaled and discoloured.
  • Leo arranges to meet Dillon at the base of the lighthouse to ask for his aid in saving the town; he shows Dillon the Mayor's latest letters, from inside the box, but Dillon takes them and hurls them into the sea in disgust. Leo begs Dillon more passionately and introduces him to Herod, his grandfather; Leo talks to thin air as if someone were there and Dillon shakes his head in despair.
  • Green adresses a gathering of her loyal Deep Ones. She smashes a statue of Hydra and declares war on their enemies!
  • A despondent Leo meets Jessica and, through a confused dialogue about her stay in hospital and the new level their relationship is at, he pieces together the truth: Kristina has duped & seduced him in Jessica's form. He dismisses Jessica hurriedly and his grandfather's voice emerges from his mouth, swearing to deal with this...
  • We close with a shot of Kristina in a maternity bed in her private cavern, singing to herself and playing with a string with numerous fingers attached to it...