Time and Tide - Episode 5

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  • At an emergency meeting of the New Gloucester town council, Petersen moves that an early election be held to fill the power vacuum created by the Mayor's prolonged absence. Leo supports this move. Then Mayor McCloud appears, says he has an important announcement to make, pulls a gun and fires it towards Petersen... (Roll credits)
  • Caption: 24 hours earlier
  • Kristina has been called into the NOAA by Green to consult on their breeding program; she studies a printout while touching a scar on her abdomen. They discuss the unpredictable outcomes of hybrid matings between humans and Deep Ones, Jadviga's name naturally arising. Kristina persuades Green that bringing Jadviga in for protection and closer study is the correct course of action and Green reveals that she has already come to the same decision, with Jadviga now under observation at the old detention camp.
  • As we ended the last episode, Navidson had been knocked out; now, in his dreams (?) he wears the robes of a Dagon worshipper and stands in the old temple. The Cthulhu statue is in his hands and he uses it to smash the statues of Hydra and Dagon that stand on the altar! A mob of worshippers surges towards him for this sacrilege, but he wins them over by persuading them that his way is the future, a promise he cements by going on to smash the altar itself!
  • Navidson lies on the floor between Leo and Herod as they argue over what to do with him; he wakes, sees the monster looming over him and shoots, catching it in the neck before running out in a daze. Weakly, Herod asks Leo to call for Dr. Green.
  • Patten enters the Mayor's office, only to find McCloud sitting at his desk! He tries to buy Patten's continued loyalty and co-operation, spilling ancient gold coins over his desk as a promise of the riches to follow, but as Patten leaves, he spills the story to 'Shit' Creek immediately!
  • Dillon is in a vast, underwater cave of green stone: there are many other Deep Ones present, all bowing down to the altar Dillon rests upon while he adapts to his new state. A mentor guides Dillon through this process, but he panics and tries to flee; he is challenged by one of the Deep Ones over the right to lead them all. Dillon refuese to use violence and makes an eloquent speech about how violence destroyed them before and will do so again. In doing so, he proves himself to be the One!
  • Patten collides with a wild-eyed Navidson outside the hotel: gold coins & green statue are dropped to the ground and they each boggle at what the other has dropped. They discuss a few of the things that have happened to them and Navidson suggests a double-cross: why not pretend to support the mayor but back Petersen as well just to hedge their bets? Patten is unpersuaded, however.
  • Agent Green arrives at the detention camp with papers for Jadviga's transfer, only when Jadviga is brought out into Green's custody, she recoils in horror and talks to her like she was someone else... one of the guards catches sight of Green's reflection, but it is Kristina's face he sees! Realising she has been exposed, Kristina surrenders.
  • Navidson summons the Follower of the Father he met whilst in Green's custody and tries to milk him for information about Cthulhu without exposing his own ignorance and jeopardising his position. The FotF does more than just tell him: he SHOWS him the truth, through a vision. Navidson starts to scream insanely and the FotF walks away with the statue.
  • The NOAA raid the Black House, emerging a few minutes later with a figure concealed by a blanket.
  • McCloud secretly meets with Petersen and tries to sway him with promises of greater power and glory..."How would you like to be Vice-President?" Petersen decides to play along for now but asks for the Mayor to make some big assurances...
  • Dillon is brought into the research base underneath the detention camp by his mentor, where he learns that the Followers of the Father are working with Green. He also discovers that Jadviga is one of the subjects being studied! When he asks who put her in this condition, the answer is that he did! She refuses to leave with Dillon at first, convinced that this base is her only hope of suviving what is happening to her. Dillon places a hand on her swollen belly and the tadpole-like things surging under the skin are calmed, whilst Jadviga's pain subsides. She agrees to come with him now and Dillon turns against his mentor in order to do things his own way.
  • Green walks in on Leo in his office and he bitterly thanks her for her hospitality; she returns with a promise that his Grandfather is in good hands, so long as Leo continues to co-operate with her. Leo retaliates by pushing Green to support him in becoming the new Mayor, but she responds by saying that they have already chosen their man and it's Petersen.
  • We return to the start of the episode: the Myor shoots Petersen, them calmly turns back to the crowd and says "I have an important announcement to make!"