Time and Tide - Episode 4

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Out of Time

  • Navidson finds a coronet in his storeroom of ill-gotten gains... he tries it on and is plunged back into the midst of the purge in 1928! He is rounded up with other undesirables and placed in front of a firing squad... "Ready! Aim!..." Roll credits!
  • Leo and Agent Green go to meet Navidson while he is having his OOBE; the presence inhabiting Navidson's body is taking a bath, so while Green takes him aside, Leo tries to throw his weight around with a mook, but it rebounds on him unsuccessfully.
  • Green persuades the Deep One in Navidson's body to trust her: he is/was the head of the Father's faction at the time of the purge but she has a letter written by him in 1928 saying he should trust her! They go down to the basement.
  • Dillon visits the dreary shack of Mrs. Cartwright, who has webbed hands and bulging eyes; she says it is "Time to go to the sea". Dillon agrees to help her but an NOOA van pulls up outside. Dillon confronts the agents who want to take Mrs. Cartwright away: he tries to bluff them at first but then resorts to his legacy to incapacitate them while he & his charge make good their escape.
  • Back in 1928, Navidson is saved from the firing squad by a Colonel... who is really Mayor McCloud from the present day! He gives Navidson a map of where to find the wealth buried under town and a letter, then has him taken off to the labs...
  • Kristina is posting a letter to Jadviga when she sees Jessica in a boutique. They chat and Kristina persuades Jessica to take a look at something; she takes her home and shows her the unusual skull. As Jessica examines it closely, Kristina contrives to close the jaws on Jessica's finger, biting it off! Jessica faints and, very calmly, Kristina phones for help...
  • Agent Green and the leader of the Father faction run into Dillon and Mrs. Cartwright. Green tries to persuade Dillon that letting Mrs. C join the Deep Ones will only make things worse. The Deep Ones who emerge to welcome Mrs. C are followers of the Father and they fall down to worship their returned leader! Green flees in panic as the situation gets out of control, knocking the coronet off as she does so! Green grabs it and leaves a confused Navidson naked on a beach being worshipped by Deep Ones...
  • Leo goes to the hospital but finds Jessica feeling fine in reception; he agrees to go with her for a coffee to talk things over... and we see them next in bed together. Leo finally opens up to Jessica, admitting that not only was his Gradfather (Herod!) becoming a Deep One, but he may not actually be dead... while in the mirror, it is Kristina's face the audience and her see, not Jessica's!
  • Navidson meets Patten in his office and argues for recovering the treasure the Mayor has revealed to him, which could be used to put McCloud in Capitol Hill. Navidson shows him some of the treasure he has already collceted and is disturbed to find the coronet back in the same place it was when he first found it. Patten feels like he would prefer Petersen to be the man he supports but agrees to go along with the Mayor's mysterious plans for now.
  • As Dillon closes up his drop-in center, Agent Green confronts him with the accusation that he has been a very naughty boy. She wants him to put on a circlet that will negate his legacy before they talk any further, but Dillon talks her into looking at some of the incantations from his missing copy of the Book of Dagon. She almost reads them out loud before Dillon distracts her, but his plan succeeds: Green agrees to back off for now and walks off with the papers that Dillon hopes will destroy her if she tries to use them. Some exposition about the Deep One civil war occurs here and how it contributed to the heavy casualties Innsmouth suffered during the Purge.
  • We flash back to Navidson in a cattle-truck style vehicle in 1928, reading the letter the Mayor gave him, then mix to the present day at sea with Navidson taking the Sheriff and some deputies out to find a military vessel from the 1920s adrift and loaded with high explosives! A skeletal soldier is draped over an iron box with the word 'Navidson' scratched onto it. The Sheriff blusters at Navidson at having his time wasted with hoaxes and publicity stunts, but then black helicopters fly over just in time to persuade him that Navidson isn't joking. He takes a bribe from Navidson and Navidson takes the box before the 'NOAA' can interfere.
  • Kristina is in the caverns talking to Grandfather Dominic Seagrave about Grandfather Herod Black and other matters. She is encouraged to pursue a meeting with Herod as the Deep Ones are surprised to learn that he might still be around.
  • Jadviga is pregnant and goes to ask Krsitina for her advice, since she can't be sure who the father is... or more to the point, WHAT he is. She regrets trusting in Kristina yet again and resolves to be open with Dillon, but Kristina sows doubt in her mind that Dillon will understand and ends with the enigmatic comment that "Either way, it'll be family".
  • We finally go through Leo's bookcase and enter the dingy lair that connects to the underground tunnels, which serves as a home for his Grandfather! Leo tries to persuade Herod to meet 'Jessica' but is only partially successul: Herod insists that she does not see his face. Leo cautiously seeks assurance that this will not be like father and Herod sternly tells him that they agreed not to speak about that.
  • Navidson brings the box to Mrs. McCloud and she has the key around her neck. Inside they find an eerie statue (of Cthulhu) and Navidson, after being a little sick, is told by Mrs. McCloud, "You've seen what happened when this disappeared last time!" Blueprints nestling under the statue also reveal that the Casino is modelled after the fallen Temple of Dagon!
  • While the above occurs, Dillon is on the boardwalk and feels the storm rising; figures walk out of the sea, a deformed Mrs. C amongst them, and a giant waterspout forms. "The sleeper is waking! Lead us!" they implore and drag Dillon into the sea. He struggles, then stops and his eyes close peacefully... then re-open as a stream of bubbles emerges from the newly formed gills in his neck!
  • Navidson takes the statue to Leo, telling him that this could be the thing that brings the town together... by letting them wipe out anyone who opposes the new order. Leo screams "I didn't want more bloodshed, I wanted control!" Navidson tries to argue that this could help them and Leo shows him the onlb help it can provide for him right now, by using it to bludgeon Navidson to the floor...