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  • Jack Himself
Trump: A young, vibrant figure stares out from a cluttered artist’s studio. His hazel eyes boring into the viewer, not uncomfortably, but intense. He’s dressed in red and black court clothes of the latest fashion, but has covered them with a paint coated smock. Fancy shoes strewn behind him in the general clutter. He’s looking out from behind a canvas, the back of which is turned to the viewer. A window frames him, giving him light to work by, but giving him an unintentional halo.

This is Jack, beyond knowing him as an artist; the family knows little about him other than the King greeted him upon his arrival and shortly dismissed him to rooms, calling him “A wastrel, but family.”

Note: Observant characters will see symbols throughout this painting, such as the Tarot symbols, suits and symbols out of mythology. In Jack’s personal copy of this card the painting facing forward and lets Jack access a Trump within the Trump for tricky escapes!

  • Cast
  • Amanda was a personal maid for my Aunt Flora and a spectacular blonde.
  • Francesca was the daughter of the Minister of Finance, Red headed and hot tempered to match. How was I to know they were best friends and would compare notes on how I had painted and seduced each of them?
  • Dwyers was the butler assigned to Jack’s suite. He apparently loathed Jack with every fibre of his being. Jack suspected that, more than the usual castle servants, Dwyers was a spy in his household. Still, he kind of liked the old curmudgeon.
  • Captain Karl Friedrich, a captain in the Royal Guard, a rising star in that organization and one of King Eric’s favourites.

  • Artefacts:
  • The Trump of Worlds - Just as the trump of Amber represents the Royal Family, Jack is working on creating a Trump of Worlds made up entirely of Trump that go to particular locations. This is a secret project that he discusses with no one. Of particular concern if what locations to use for the Major Arcana.

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