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Worlds of Existence


A world similar to Breddamon's own with an island culture. Good festivals, good music, good food. Fortune tellers and access to weapons. The stuff of life.


A world where the rains, sands, soils, and oceans contain strong trace elements of silver. Nothing living has been spotted but the atmosphere is toxic to weres, especially the waters, and it causes minor burning and cosmetic issues to normal skin as well.


Homeworld for weres. The weres claim Eric of Amber rules in a vicious and tyrannical fashion there, threatening families to force their men into conscription. The weres of this place may have some ability to planewalk.

The Murder Scene

"Breddamon comes to, lying on an unkempt bed with silk sheets. Empty bottles and broken glass cover the floor. The smell of alcohol and strong perfume permeates the air. There is a furry taste of a hangover and of something else on Breddamon’s tongue. There is the crash of surf on a beach somewhere nearby, and the sound of birds singing. On the dressing table, next to a set of broken perfume bottles, is a framed photograph of a happy couple, a young child nestled safely between them. The chairs and bed in the room are askew, and there is blood on the walls."


Home of the supposed tyrant Eric who is trying to kill Breddamon.

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