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A Prologue Concerning Duppies

Duppies are ghosts. When a person dies, unless he is expecting it and prepared, his spirit splits in half with all the resentment and anger about dying remaining in an psychic impression which results in a duppy. Thus many religions have ways to bring a spirit to completion and resolution such as the Extreme Unction practised by Catholics. However, if no such resolution is successful for the spirit, the impression stays behind, fuelled by the power, the passion, and the degree of unhappiness with that spirit's end . . . a duppy.

Duppies attach themselves to people or places. Who or where depends on the manner of death and who or what the unsatisfied spirit blames. A strong psychic can receive impressions from a duppy by feeding it life blood, a dangerous trick because it requires actual risk of death (arterial bleeding, etc.) and because duppies are NOT friendly spirits.

It is said that those persons who have died and returned to life retain a foothold in the world of death and can contact duppies without such tricks but the impressions from a duppy would still be centred around the focus of the duppy . . . the unfairness of their death. Still, for those seeking vengeance or knowledge of how to hurt or kill a person whom the duppy blames, this would be a powerful tool.

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