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Figures out of Myth and Legend

  • The Well of Darkness -- source of new powers for Breddamon. So far, includes the ability to transport himself and others across worlds and to find worlds he can only visualize in his mind. Seems to be some feedback issues; note to self, avoid mixing black tendrils with blue light.
  • The Lord of Evil -- wants Breddamon dead, possibly Eric?
  • The King Entombed in the Mountain -- scale the mountain to entrap the Lord of Evil -- possibly the true king rather than Eric
  • Shifters in the Night -- Weres, their story is that they were sent by Eric under duress to kill Breddamon
  • The Lady of the Moon -- a mistress of illusion with a very dangerous voice; appears opposed to Eric, the duppies warn not to trust her
  • The Fortune Teller -- young, college educated, but living in a hole in the wall in Junkaroo telling fortunes for a living. Has the sight, May yet live to get the insight.
  • Knight of Swords -- He(she?) who imprisoned the King was well intentioned but short sighted according to the fortuneteller.
  • Corwin and Bleys -- brothers of Eric who opposed him
  • Lord Corey -- a dishonourable man
  • The Floating Girl -- there is a girl floating the the well of darkness. Her heart beats fast with fear or excitement.
  • The Dead Woman -- "A flash of memory… a dead woman on a beach… Her beautiful brown hair is matted and clotted with blood… Her clothing is ripped, and there are open wounds all over her body… flies buzz about feeding off her drying blood… The woman’s arms are tied and bound behind her back…"
  • The Blue Light Woman -- A woman tied to a tree who blazed with blue light. She was facing human sacrifice; Breddamon did something which may have helped her.

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