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Sad Men

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England and the Throne needs stalwart men (and who knows, perhaps even a woman!) to defend it from threats of a preternatural form... this is a period setting that combines superhumans and horror in a darkly comic and strange adventure; think League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen meets Brimstone with a dash of Blackadder the Third!


The Proceedings of the Royal Inquiry

Approved List Of Powers

The following represents a list of Power Packages from the BNW game which will be available for use in The Sad Men; note that BNW is unlike most other games in that it gives a pre-defined package of powers for each type of hero, e.g all shapeshifters have exactly the same powers and no others. In order to make things a bit more interesting, you will be allowed to take 2 of these packages instead of just 1 and you will get all the 'Tricks' (stunts using your powers) from both packages.

  • Blaster: Fires energy bolts
  • Bouncer: Fast fighter
  • Flyer: Flies!
  • Goliath: Huge and very strong
  • Gunner: Crack shot
  • Healer: Huge bonus to healing skill
  • Scrapper: Tough fighter
  • Speedster: Incredibly fast
  • Covenant: For Cleric only. If you are the Cleric, this will automatically be your package and it is the only one you will get!
  • Defender: Force field
  • Genius: Bonus to all Smarts rolls
  • Hot Shot: Spits fire
  • Screamer: Head splitting sonic attack
  • Shrinker: Gets small
  • Sneak: Stealthy and sees in the dark
  • Telekinetic: Moves small objects with the power of their mind
  • Teleporter: Teleports!
  • Tough: Virtually indestructible
  • Changeling: Shapeshifter
  • Charmer: Bonus to Charm rolls
  • Phaser: Walks through walls
  • Booster: Doubles the effectiveness of other powers
  • Charger: Electrical attack
  • Interrogator: Huge bonus to detecting lies
  • Watcher: Sees through matter, sees heat, has telescopic vision and can project microwaves!
  • Communicator: Sends messages mentally
  • Dessicator: Extracts water from things (including people!) and doesn't eat or drink
  • Freezer: Cold touch
  • Gasser: Exhales toxic gas
  • Jungler: Controls plants & animals
  • Aquarian: Amphibious
  • Ratmaster: Lord of vermin!
  • Paralyser: Stuns with a look
  • Stretch: Pliable body
  • Timetripper: Can take a second chance at anything by rewinding time a few seconds
  • Doubler: Splits into 2 identical copies of themself
  • Poisoner: Toxic touch
  • Fortunate: Very lucky

Experimental List of Powers

As above, but these are homebrew powers, so many features have not been rigourously play tested; you may choose one of these but I cannot vouch for its game balance! You have been warned!

  • Adaptor: Chooses a small bonus based on circumstances
  • Adherent: Sticky grip and ability to fire gooey strands...
  • Anchor: The immovable object
  • Archer: Incredible with a bow
  • Beacon: Solar powered light producer with laser attack
  • Berserker: Savage fighter
  • Blitz: Fires lots of small energy bolts...
  • Bulldozer: The irresistible force
  • Cannon: Fires a massive energy bolt but is very slow
  • Champion: Skilled fighter, natural martial artist
  • Conjurer: Palms and produces small objects
  • Detective: Huge bonus to Criminology rolls
  • Digger: Tunnels at a walking or even running pace
  • Dissolver: Reduces metal to sludge, but this power is always on!
  • Drainer: Steals health, Strength and Speed from others
  • Duellist: Master swordsman
  • Eel: Quick and slippery
  • Fool: Huge bonuses to both Bluff and Taunt
  • Gale: Blows hard
  • Gauntlet: Powerful, unstoppable punch
  • Hunter: Makes cheesy cover versions of old records... sorry, I mean: Bonuses to Shadowing and Tracking
  • Invisible: Totally invisible... all the time!
  • Listener: Excellent hearing, including sonar
  • Master: Good at everything he does
  • Mesmerist: Dominates the will of another briefly
  • Missile: Ballistic flier
  • Mystic: Meditation provides bonuses to checks and also gives out of body experience
  • Passenger: Piggyback your awareness in somebody else's body
  • Prognosticator: See the future, dimly
  • Ranger: Natural wildsman
  • Rocket: Flies like a rocket, with smoke and flame!
  • Rusher: Incredible reflexex and coordination
  • Shroud: Produces a smokescreen
  • Silencer: Suppresses noise and vibration
  • Spectre: The power of fear
  • Split: Freezes time around them