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What can one say about perfection?

Probably loads which is handy as it is not a word I would use to describe anything around this neck of the woods, or this neck of the human, so to speak.

I was once asked in an interview to give three adjectives to describe myself. Having just been asked if I considered myself a geek I wasn't overly fussed about the job and so the sad puppydog desire to say the right things to secure a job had left me a touch. I responded with argumentative, bolshy and cantankerous. Surprisingly, I didn't get the job but then again I doubt I would have enjoyed working for the twit that interviewed me so it was probably a good thing.

As descriptive terms the above are quite good. I do have some pleasant points but they are nicely hidden.

In general I will play any game put in front of me. I prefer either investigative things or grand epics. I suppose that the desire for epic games (and indeed my love of grand epics in literature and other media) is rooted in the need to escape from the mundane. I would suggest that this is a strong reason for many people to game, which is fine... beats hard core drugs, alcohol or adrenaline as escapist methods and has the added advantage of being highly sociable.