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This page is for games that are on offer for the next long block, 2020 Block 1: 21 January – 10 March, vote on 7 January.

Please include a same page description of your game, to help people understand the play style.

Proposed short-block games are on a separate page. Upcoming long games and Upcoming short games are more speculative game proposals. The Wish list is for games you'd like to see on offer.

Horror on the Orient Express

Continued from the previous block.


A puzzling headline begins a front-page article found in the Times of London. Three men, all identical in identification, were found dead in the same room of the Chelsea Arms Hotel. All were dispatched in a similar manner stabbed through the heart.

Then the home of a valued friend burns to the ground, severely injuring him in the process. An odd summons, a surreptitious meeting, and a thousand-mile journey begins on the legendary rail service carrying the investigators to Constantinople, the Gateway of the Orient.

Horror on the Orient Express is one of the legendary Call of Cthulhu campaigns. It contains up to nineteen adventures spanning several eras. The majority of the story takes place in the 1920s, with a number of optional scenarios occurring in different eras. The main campaign sees the investigators journey to Paris and thence to the ancient city of Constantinople. With luck, they also return home.

This adventure ran at the club some years ago, and took around 18 months to complete (without many of the optional modules). I don't expect players to have to commit to the whole campaign - as the story follows the rail route across Europe a player who misses part of the story can easily rejoin - if they don't mind missing out on the plot, of course!

Game details

The Continuing Adventures of Milo Tealeaf and the Sunshine Experience

Continued from the previous block.

Since leaving your home village of Shambles, you’ve had quite the time of it. Giant Rats! Dryads! Skeletons! GERBLINS! You’ve seen a lot. You could say that you’re... very experienced. You’ve even snagged intern positions with the Adventurers’ Guild. Everything’s going so well!

Now, though, while trapped in the house of a long-dead mad mage trying to solve his stupid-ass skull puzzle, your AG tablet didn’t have any signal, and it turns out you’ve missed an urgent call to aid the town of Cartrest when it was under attack by the very goblin hoarde you’ve been trying to track across the Deep Dark Wood. Dagnabit!

Can you still prove to the Adventurers’ Guild that you deserve full membership and all the boons it offers? Can you do so whilst avoiding the interminably irritating paladin, Artemius, and his gang of asshats? Find out next Long Block, in the Continuing Adventures of Milo Tealeaf and the Sunshine Experience!

Game details

  • System: D&D 5e (Level 4)
  • Setting: Homebrew
  • Players: 4-6 [Priority to Returning Players]
  • GM: Jess E

Princes of the Apocalypse

Continued from the previous block.

Called by the Elder Elemental Eye to serve, four corrupt prophets have risen from the depths of anonymity to claim mighty weapons with direct links to the power of the elemental princes. Each of these prophets has assembled a cadre of cultists and creatures to serve them in the construction of four elemental temples of lethal design. It is up to adventurers from heroic factions such as the Emerald Enclave and the Order of the Gauntlet to discover where the true power of each prophet lay, and dismantle it before it comes boiling up to obliterate the Realms.

Game details

  • Proposed by: Kieran Magill
  • System: D&D 5ed
  • Players: 4–6

Witchfinders 2: Far from the Tree

A man has been found drowned in the early hours of the morning. Normally this wouldn’t require the attention of the Witchfinders. The city of Paladyne has fast flowing rivers, and it’s not unusual for a corpse or two to wash up on the strand. This case is different though. People don’t usually drown in their own drawing rooms with no sign of water in sight. And it’s possible that he wasn’t the first. This game is set about a year after the last Witchfinders game, and will find you back in the big city. Returning players will get priority, but it will be a brand new investigation, so no knowledge of “the Curse of Brantis Morn” will be required.

Game details

  • Proposed by: Alex Barrett
  • System:D&D 5ed (6th level)
  • Players: 6 (RPP)