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This page is for games that are on offer for the next long block, 2020 Block 1: 21 January – 10 March, vote on 7 January.

Please include a same page description of your game, to help people understand the play style.

Proposed short-block games are on a separate page. Upcoming long games and Upcoming short games are more speculative game proposals. The Wish list is for games you'd like to see on offer.

Horror on the Orient Express

Continued from the previous block.


A puzzling headline begins a front-page article found in the Times of London. Three men, all identical in identification, were found dead in the same room of the Chelsea Arms Hotel. All were dispatched in a similar manner stabbed through the heart.

Then the home of a valued friend burns to the ground, severely injuring him in the process. An odd summons, a surreptitious meeting, and a thousand-mile journey begins on the legendary rail service carrying the investigators to Constantinople, the Gateway of the Orient.

Horror on the Orient Express is one of the legendary Call of Cthulhu campaigns. It contains up to nineteen adventures spanning several eras. The majority of the story takes place in the 1920s, with a number of optional scenarios occurring in different eras. The main campaign sees the investigators journey to Paris and thence to the ancient city of Constantinople. With luck, they also return home.

This adventure ran at the club some years ago, and took around 18 months to complete (without many of the optional modules). I don't expect players to have to commit to the whole campaign - as the story follows the rail route across Europe a player who misses part of the story can easily rejoin - if they don't mind missing out on the plot, of course!

Game details

The Ambitions of Accord

Northern Arlayne is a wild, unforgiving place. The deep yet gentle forests that cover much of the western coast turn feral, here. On the very edge of the Treewilds sits the ruined city of Accord, once a seat of great power, now all but forgotten. The new ruler of these parts, a young man named Lord Tyrrick who inherited the seat from his late uncle, is man of... ambition. He wants to make his mark not just on the city of Accord, but on the whole of Arlayne. He intends to take back his lands from the ever encroaching forest, and has begun sending parties of soldiers north, deep into the woods.

So far, none of them have returned.

You and your party are seasoned adventurers, always up for a new job, especially when the money is good... and in this case the money is, indeed, good. If anyone can take this on and return victorious for gold and glory, it's you. You've arrived in Accord to meet this Lord and find out what exactly it is that he's looking for in the forest... After all, you've faced terrible things before and lived to tell the tale. How bad could it possibly be?

Who prepares the story? The GM plans and prepares the story, then hastily improvises a new one when the players do the 1 thing that she hadn't actually planned for...

The rules will be: mostly followed, but sometimes narrative is more important than the rules.

How brutal is the game? I will not protect you; you can only protect yourselves. Roll good.

Doing the smartest thing for your character's survival: is not always the most interesting of narrative choices.

After many sessions of play, during one session, a player decides to have her character side with an enemy. This is: perfectly acceptable, as long as it is in character.

Anything else I should know? Playable races are Human, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome. The party may contain 1 Tiefling OR 1 Dragonborn OR 1 Half-Orc, first come first served. No elves, because World Lore. I promise that playable races is the only thing I'm a stickler about!

Game details

  • System: D&D 5e (Level 5)
  • Setting: Homebrew
  • Players: 3-5
  • GM: Jess E

Witchfinders 2: Far from the Tree

A man has been found drowned in the early hours of the morning. Normally this wouldn’t require the attention of the Witchfinders. The city of Paladyne has fast flowing rivers, and it’s not unusual for a corpse or two to wash up on the strand. This case is different though. People don’t usually drown in their own drawing rooms with no sign of water in sight. And it’s possible that he wasn’t the first. This game is set about a year after the last Witchfinders game, and will find you back in the big city. Returning players will get priority, but it will be a brand new investigation, so no knowledge of “the Curse of Brantis Morn” will be required.

Game details

  • Proposed by: Alex Barrett
  • System:D&D 5ed (6th level)
  • Players: 6 (RPP)

This Dark and Happy Place Of Ours

So, you remember that terrible thing you may or may not have done? That thing that got your life imprisonment and now you’re doing hard labour for… well, until you succumb to inevitable death or go doolally?

That thing is forgivable, according to the crown, if you and the rest of your prisoner friends accept a different fate. See, hard labour isn’t sitting well with the local community, prisons are so full up they’re fit to burst, and it costs a lot of money to keep feeding you lot. Letting you just expire from starvation might cause picketing, that, and the mountain of bodies cleansing the hard-labour camps would leave would just be… annoying.

So, you’re given a choice. You can stay, and be executed or, with your families (who are also imprisoned, because that’s the world you live in ), and friends (if you can call them that, given they’re also ex-convicts), brave The Wailing Waste in EXILE.

The Wailing Waste, by the way, is that big place no one wants to claim because it’s terrible. Really, terrible. No, seriously. It’s bad.

So, you find yourself in The Wailing Waste (because really, it can’t be THAT awful, can it?). You need to find yourselves a home. After a long trek, you find some suitable spots. Now, which one will you go for, can you get the water working, how about those shelters, and… what IS that thing that’s been following you since you arrived?

Good luck, Pioneers. You’ll need it.

A short 5th Edition roleplay game where you set up a homestead, go on a series of adventures to improve your new settlement, and try to figure out exactly why no one ever seems to survive...

Game details

  • Proposed by: Kathryn Jenkins
  • System: D&D 5e
  • Setting: Kat’s Made Up Magical Fun Land… also know as “The Wailing Wastes”.
  • Players: 3–4

“Who The F*@K Is Jenny?”

1928 - England.

A seeminglyunconnected group of people all receive an invite to a weekend gathering at Heatherfield Manor. Their attendance is mandatory on the threat to release something deeply incriminating about them to their friends, family or the press. Each invite is signed simply: Jenny...

What transpires on that fateful weekend will change their lives forever.

Murder, mystery, intrigue along with monsters, magic and mayhem.

And above all - just who the F*@k IS Jenny?

Game Details

  • Proposed by: Scott T
  • System: Gurps 4th Edition
  • Players: Ideally Six


By the time they hit adolescence, most people have gotten over their fear of the dark. They spend their midnight hour on gushy phone calls, diary ramblings, and wet dreams. They fall asleep peacefully, assured that the shadows hold no monsters.
But the shadows do hold monsters. You know because you’re one of them. Wickedness dwells within your heart, hunger courses through your veins. High school weighs on you and teen drama puts you on edge, but you have power. What do you do next?

Monsterhearts 2 lets you and your friends create stories about sexy monsters, teenage angst, personal horror, and secret love triangles. When you play, you explore the terror and confusion of having a body that is changing without your permission.

This game is powered by the Apocalypse World engine. It draws inspiration from Twilight, Buffy, Ginger Snaps, The Vampire Diaries, and The Craft.

Details of the setting will be co-created by the players in the first session, but my default is to base it around characters attending Milton Keynes College.

Content note: this game leans heavily on the trope of "monstrous abilities as a metaphor for puberty." I'm expecting it to feature characters encountering changes and challenges of gender and sexuality. The game explicitly features that your emotions and hormones aren't under your control (but how you act on those feelings is under your control). I expect that most PCs will have sexual relationships and encounters in game (probably with other PCs).

Same page description

  • Who prepares the story? No-one plans anything. PCs and NPCs just do what seems right at that moment. This might or might not lead to a good story.
  • What can players contribute to the story/setting? Their character's thoughts, actions, and backstory; plus occasional story bits when they spend a resource (such as whimsy cards or hero points) or make certain kinds of rolls, subject to GM's approval. The setting will be co-created by the group before play; once in play, the GM controls the NPCs and other non-PC elements.
  • The rules will be: followed, come what may.
  • Player characters are: pursuing their own agendas. They might work together, they might work against each other.
  • How brutal is the game? Whenever I miss a roll – and sometimes even when I make it – I want the situation to escalate.
  • Doing the smartest thing for your character's survival: sometimes isn't as important as other choices.
  • After many sessions of play, during one session, a player decides to have her character side with an enemy. This is: a perfectly valid choice and no big deal.

Game details

  • Proposed by: Neil Smith
  • System: Monsterhears (2ed)
  • Players: 3–5; adult content, see note above.

The Rimward Reach

So, the Crew of the Alyia have made it back to Coriolis Station. You escaped a doomed cruise ship that fell into the sun, delved deep into mysterious ruins in the wild jungles of Kua and battled ancient evils. Now you have a lead that will take you to the dark edge of the Kuan system, into the wild space called the Rimward Reach. Will you catch your mark and find out what took hold of Lavim Tamm and called him to the Kandah Cloud? Will you face off with the Fatimah's Bounty who left you in a lurch on the Ghazali? What mysteries will you find hidden beyond the freebooters' asteroid base at Djachroum?

Game details

  • Proposed by: Frank G
  • Game System: Fria Ligan Coriolis (Year Zero Engine in a crunchier iteration)
  • Setting: The Third Horizon, The Light Flower's Dark Leaf - based on a Swedish source book
  • Players: 3-5
  • NB: Continuation of a previous plot line, so returning players have priority, but it is definitely possible to hop aboard if there are spaces

These are the voyages ...

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Excalibur. Its ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before.

Captain’s Log, Stardate 48160.3. It has been one week since departing Starbase with new crew members and supplies, one week into a routine patrol of the Cardassian demilitarized zone. Not my ideal mission - I'd rather be 'out there', exploring - but the Excalibur goes where Starfleet Command tell us we are needed. Everything so far is uneventful, with our Cardassian friends trailing us on their side of the border (as expected) but otherwise showing no sign of hostility. The crew are on edge, but they're a good crew and I have no reason to believe this mission will be anything other than ordinary.

Captain’s Log, Supplemental. I appear to have spoken too soon. We have received a priority one message from Starfleet Command ordering us to the Dran’Ankos system, just on the edge of the DMZ, to provide assistance to a research base that has gone silent after sending out a ... disturbing ... message. Looks like our routine patrol is going to be anything but ...

The players are members of the crew of the starship Excalibur in early 2371. 2371 is a crucial year for Starfleet - the USS Enterprise 1701-D is destroyed when it crash lands on Veridian III, the USS Voyager is lost in the Delta Quadrant, and the Dominion War against the founders will soon begin - but all that is in the future as the Excalibur begins its mission. What role will the Excalibur play in that future? What will it find in the Dran'Ankos system, and what other adventures await it? Beam aboard and find out ...

Game details

  • Proposed by: Martin Goodson
  • System: STAR TREK ADVENTURES (Modiphius 2d20)
  • Players: 4-6

Down Darker Trails

A new Call of Cthulhu mini-campaign set in the USA around 1870. Will run for one 8-wk block, maybe two. No previous experience of playing Call of Cthulhu or being a cowgirl/boy required.

Game Details

  • Proposed by: Paul Fricker
  • System: Call of Cthullu
  • Players: 6