Mythic Russia playtest: Novogorod DP

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Dramatis Personae for Carry on up the Volga, part of the Mythic Russia playtest

  • The late Count Orekhov Zandivoi, poisioned by persons unknown (actually Viktoras)
  • Countess Irina Zandivoi, his widow (very blonde), and lover of both Vladimir and Viktoras
  • Lady Lena Zandivoi, the late Count's daughter, and advisee of Giovanni
  • Lord Grigori Zandivoi, brother of Orekhov, and eager to get his hands on Orekhov's estate
  • Duke Henirakas, Lithuanian, and in Novogorod for talks about an alliance with Orekhov. Janovarich's father
  • Andrius, Henriakas's elder son, lover of Svetlana
  • Svetlana, daughter of a rich Novgorod merchant, lady-in-waiting to Irina, and lover of Andrius
  • Guchugir, the Mongols local representative of the Golden Horde
  • Batu, Guchugir's son, and lover of Lena