Mythic Russia playtest: Janovarich

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(A character for the Lithuanian playtest and Siberian playtest of the Mythic Russia game).

Janovarich Tengrijin

Lithuanian Janovarich, 22, has the Mongol nickname Tengrijin, meaning 'Gift of the Gods.' My father, a powerful nobleman sent me to live with the Mongolian clan Natsagiyn when aged 13. I am a quiet, reflective man who was groomed to be a diplomat, now has learnt Mongolian fighting style. I worship Küchlüg and I appear Mongolian. I leave behind wife and child and carry divided loyalties. I travel the lands gathering information so I know many languages, dialects, and customs. This makes me useful to my father but there is no love lost as I have become Mongolian. I carry the Scorched Fox Skull totem.

(Player: Jo Brown)