Mythic Russia playtest: Viktoras

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(A character for the Lithuanian playtest of the Mythic Russia game).

Viktoras Dravenio Sunus

Viktoras Dravenio Sunus is a Lithuanian spy, masquerading as a Rus' courtier in the household of Count Zandivoi. His skill in subterfuge and flattery have made him beloved of Countess Irina, though he is commanded by Duke Henrikas to destroy her family. He is unctuous and silver tongued, but often inspires revulsion and overstates his case. His alliance with the Mongol warlord Guchugur, sneakiness, and ability to shift the blame are his main weapons. He avoids direct conflict, preferring slander, poison', and striking from the shadows with his dagger 'Mercy. Viktoras hails from Zemaitija and worships Ragana and Velnias, which adds to his morbid and sardonic disposition.

(Player: Scott Dorward)