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The Longshore Crew is the nickname of the GEO Patrol members based in the town of Longshore. It is also the name of a Blue Planet campaign based around these characters.

The characters are:

Captain Travar N'gama (played by Kevin White)

A career GEO Patrol officer and Silvan hybrid, he was held as a shining light for the integration and development of hybrids in mainstream human organizations. However, he then dropped out of public sight and is now running the Longshore Crew GEO Patrol team.

Lieutenant Kalina Esta (played by Stephanie Gray)

A GEO Patrol officer, specializing in forensic science and forensic psychology.

Corporal Joe Donna (played by Jef Lay)

A GEO soldier seconded to the GEO Patrol. A quiet and taciturn man, his temprament is well-suited to his MOS of sniper, but less so to police work.

Dr Gary Fulmer (played by David Arthur)

A Cat hybrid and a physican at the Longshore clinic, Dr Fulmer often helps out with the patrol by providing medical assistance and expertise.

Milo (played by Paul Fricker)

A civilian contractor, Milo provides a range of technical expertise to the Longshore Crew.

Maxamillian Payne (played by Levi)

Max is an experienced bush pilot who has worked for the GEO Patrol for several years.

Jamirika (played by Steve)

A colonial Warden, Jamirika has offered to help the Longshore Crew as they hunt for David Transson's killer.

Dearly departed

Warrant Officer Jason "Solid Snake" McKinnery (played by Levi)

A GEO military pilot seconded to the GEO Patrol. He has a rather low opinion of Natives, and is much happier performing a bombing run than doing the legwork required in an investigation.

Killed, 014.099. Shot by unknown gunmen outside the village of Keepsake

Additonal Character Details

Captain Travar N'gama

GEO psychological evaluation - Agent N'gama, Travar

This is Agent N'gama's second psychological evaluation in his current post. Previous records are available in his file.


For the past five years, Agent N'gama has led one of GEO Patrol units in the Longshore area (Region 1 District 2). In this time, he has shown intelligence and perception in the execution of his duties. Prior to this period, there is no information available due to a security seal (code A871/22Z) on previous records. He is due to retire in two years.


As noted in the original profile, Agent N'gama shows signs of depression and a certain level of fatalism. Both of these traits have become more deep-rooted than previously observed. This seems to be linked to an increasing cynicism with regard to Incorporate activities on Poseidon, particularly with regard to Native culture. We recommend evaluation of any Native connections.

In general, Agent N'gama is keen to retire from active service although, as is common, he has not clearly expressed any plans for his retirement. We recommend that he be assessed for a high level of counselling prior to retirement.

Dr Gary Fulmer

Gary was educated on Poseidon at the Haven General hospital. The lure of working for a cause which would help people both here and back on Earth appealed to him. While studying he was approached by the natives to see if they could get his support. The ideas the natives expound are in many respects better than the GEO standard line. The thought of destroying the planet so that a few wealthy elite can live forever seems poor at best and diabolical at worst.

Thus Gary's sympathies lie with the natives. But, as a doctor, the idea of taking another's life is totally repugnant to him. (Excluding self defence.) So while he would side with the natives their approach is not one he can not condone. He would prefer to try and influence things from within the legal laws. This has put him at odds with the fundamentalists in the native faction. They believe that his approach will never yield any fruit. But I guess he has not given up hope that things could be made better. Having studied the works of people like Ghandi, Gary would rather try a non-violent protest.

The people who have the power and control over things annoy him. The methods they use and the people that get hurt or destroyed in their own self pursuits depresses him. There is enough world for everyone if they simply behaved nicely with each other. The ravishment of the planet seems simply short-sighted and misguided. So although the GEO are not the best people they at least follow a set of laws which theoretically means everyone gets a fair deal. He does not support the corp's as they try and plunder whatever they can.

In summary, Gary is a bit naive but is a "good guy" trying to help the world turn for everyone, not just the super rich or elite. His activities were probably not very subtle and may have triggered some sort of "watchers."