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  • 1150 - Sir Edward of Essex born.
  • 1162 - Temujin born.
  • 1162 - Sir Edward of Essex killed by Grendal.
  • 1602 - The massacre of the Powhatan Confederacy by The Seven
  • 1643 - Temujin begins building the monastery.
  • 1649 - John Coleman's mentor dies at the hand of the Seven.
  • 1650 - Temujin finishes building the monastery, and Reuben, John Coleman & Longwalker arrive.
  • 1666 - A starved and half clothed woman arrives at the monastery. Temujin personally nurses her back to health and names her Mong Gay Duk but everyone calls her Mong.
  • 1679 - Eric Calden an English man arrives at the monastery.
  • 1684 - Keiko Smith arrives at the monastery.
  • 1686 - Temujin killed on holy ground and his quickening taken by Opechancanough
  • 1908 - Jagdish Bhailal suffers the death of a thousand cuts
  • 1914 - Eric Calden crashes into the army hospital tent of Mong Gay Duk and gets seen off with a shotgun and a couple of pitchforks.
  • 1985 - The first immortal gathering in New York. Connor McLeod's beheading of the Kurgan took evil out of pole position for the Prize.
  • 1986 - 3rd annual gathering of Temujin's pupils at his grave.
  • 1986, April 26 - The Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Episode 1.1 - 1650 to 1686

After seven years of hard work and spiritual prayers Temujin finally completes his temple to Ganesh in the wasteland of Texas. The temple is not just a place for worship, it is a training ground and a place of safety for his fellow Immortals. He tells those he trusts of what he is doing and soon young immortals turn up to be educated.

By 1686, around a dozen Immortals are currently based at Temujin’s temple in Texas. Five are despatched to aid the local people in the towns of Malone and Marshall Creek., after a sandstorm recently blew through the area and caused property damage. Three Immortals aid the people of Malone with the repairing of buildings, working hard until they notice a beaten woman strapped across the back of a donkey, the words “Camatinge Tangoa” carved into her back.

The two other Immortals help the ranchers at Marshall Creek replace the fencing around the cattle. Then they hear the alarm, the town is being attacked by Mexican Bandits. John Coleman faces a group of five bandits, he guts with his sword before getting shot in his chest. The other, the Native American Longwalker, climbs up to a rooftop and severs the Achilles tendons of the two bandits there. The alarm bell is heard in Malone and two of the three immortals race to their aid. Mong, the remaining Immortal, prepares the town in case they get raided, however her primary concern is the girl, who needs to be taken to the temple if she is to live. The other two take out a rooftop sniper between them.

So, four bandits taken down, how many to go?

Episode 1.2 - 1686

Working together the five immortals despatched by Temujin free Marshall Creek from the bandits. Returning to the temple they are informed of the mass party in the neighbouring town in their honour ad instructed to attend, which they do. Upon their return they go to the temple to make your morning devotion to find the door ajar. In Ganesh’s upturned hand is Temujin’s head. Following a scream from the graveyard they find, written in blood the words "Camatinge Riapoke" and Temujin’s headless corpse lies on the training ground, blood and internal organs all over the ground. Temujin battled a group of people here, he killed at least three of them. His body and clothes are cut to shreds and finally he was beheaded. After cremating the body Reuben addresses you all: “Today, April 26 1686 our master died I ask you all to return here every hundred years to pay tribute to him. Come in peace and share what you have learned with the others out of respect to Temujin.” Our heroes split up and go there seperate ways, meeting up when there paths cross but always making an effort to pay respects to their former master.

Episode 2 - 1986

Dr Maria Takahara, John Coleman and Drifting Sands, meet up at one of Mr Sands casinos in Las Vegas. Together they board his luxury coach and drive down to Texas where John is shocked to find his ex-girlfriend is Mr Sands current squeeze. The coach is attacked by an RPG and the immortals surrounded by ninjas and two helicoptor gunships. A message is delivered to Mr Sands and the 'coptors and ninjas leave. A ninja tells Dr Takahara he can smell her fear and her soul screams of fire and death before killing himself. Keiko Smith and Eric Calden are driving to Texas when they too are attacked by an rpg, a helicoptor and ninjas. The ninjas take one look at them and walk away. The five immortals meet up in Marshall Creek where Mr Sands reveals the contents of the note. Taking Eric Calden with him he waits in the chapel as a frail, elderly man is wheeled in, he is hooked up to drips and an oxygen tank. He shares his history, he was once a member of the Powhatan tribe who were massacred by a group of immortals called the Seven. Six mercenaries turned up in the Powhatan area in 1602 and slaughtered, tortured and raped every non-white person they found. Man, woman, child and baby died by the sword, none were spared. Opechancanough only survived thanks to the fact his grandparents dead bodies fell on him and covered him from the killers. He alone witnessed the ten day massacre of his people and saw the five men and the one woman. Since that day he has taken his revenge on those who killed his people. Recently he has finally discovered the location of the Seventh, he has been hiding in the Vatican for over 500 years and he has a name, Dumas. He asked Mr Sands for his assistance which was freely given. Opechancanough then reveals he has taken Mr Sands wards hostage as an insurance policy. Meanwhile Eric Calden noticed a strange tattoo on the inside of Opechancanough's wrist. After paying their respects at Temujins memorial, the immortals went to a bar and discover that the Soviet Union is facing a storm of fire and death after a terrible accident at Chernobyl.

Episode 3 - 1986

After relaying what happened to the others in the bar and then watching the Chernobyl incident, Longwalker, gets a phone call to return to Vegas immediately as there has been an explosion at one of his hotels and an Angel with a sword was seen exiting the building. All 6 immortals return in Mr Sand's private jet and on arrival Sands and Gillian are whisked away by their advisors,the FBI and the LVPD for de-briefing and questioning. Of the four that remain. Keiko Smith does lots of FBI investigating. She finds that the room, the one above and the one below have not been used for a week due to "flood damage". A to Z cleaning company have been dealing with that and some of their operators look like the Kurgan. Mong helped her fellow doctors at the hospital and questioned the survivors. Discovering the route that the "angel" she met us with and then followed the angel's trail with Keiko Smith. Tracing the "angel" to a run down apartment building, Mong, kicked open the door which set off an explosive booby trap which killed the angel. Mong unwittingly took his quickening too. He later retrieved the man's sword. John Coleman asked a lot of questions of hotel staff and film crews but didn't really get much extra information. To keep himself amused he arranged for a set of Conquistador's armour to be returned to the Vatican. While doing this he made travel arrangements and hotel bookings for the team. Eric Calden discovered one of the FBI agents was a Watcher. He and John Coleman followed him to the Watchers Vegas HQ and forced their way in. The watchers explained to them that Dumas wasn't a man, rather the Order of St Dumas has been sending avenging angels since the crusades. The sword Mong found had an inscription bearing the name of the order.

Episode 4 - 1986

Agent Keiko Smith was shown the bodies of the A to Z cleaning company and security camera footage showed the people who moved Mr Sands Longwalker family weren't who we originally thought they were. Although John Coleman had a plan in place to get everyone into the Vatican, Mong felt a calling to a distant land and took Eric Calden with her to Sweden to follow a lead. The remaining three immortals went to the Vatican John Coleman and Longwalker questioned the Gregori who thought they were there to join the Sanctuary. They began to make some progress until they mentioned Opie's name and were kicked out. Keiko Smith discovered there were other immortals in the crowds around the Vatican, and a couple of them knew about the Seven. Mong and Eric Calden are flying toward the Vatican while John Coleman and Longwalker have been summoned to talk to the Gregori and the mysterious Sir Edward of Essex who may hold the key to the Order of St Dumas.

Episode 5 - 1986

Longwalker and Jillian were de-briefed by the Vatican personnel before making their big presentation to the pope. Meanwhile John Coleman and Agent Keiko Smith interviewed Sir Edward of Essex who admitted to being the founder and organiser of The Seven and also reprogramming the soul of his protégé Dumas so he became Azrael. Azrael was specifically trained and created to counter Grendal, who is potentially the oldest immortal and evil. Sir Edward didn’t know anything about Opechancanough but said the Watchers did. Mong and Eric Calden fly back to Italy, Mong has the soul of Azrael inside her now. She’s now on a quest to eradicate evil from the world. The next day the immortals return to Texas, John Coleman and Eric Calden find out that Opechancanough was a watcher until he retired at seventy. When he left he stole a sizeable chunk of money and the files of six immortals. With the money he founded the League of Assassins. John’s plan to fool Opechancanough that Mong was Dumas failed when Opie identified Mong as one of the Seven. Everyone pulled out their swords and battle was about to commence.

Episode 6 - 1986

Massacre at Saint Duncan's! Longwalker and Keiko Smith came to the fight late and caused a bit of property damage. Then all five immortals began hacking and slashing at monks in order to get hold of Opechancanough. Opie surprised them all by standing up and sticking his sword into John Coleman. The ensuing battle led to several dead monks, a mortally wounded Opie and the five immortals battered, bruised but they at least kept their heads. Dragging Opie back to Reuben's Ranch to interrogate him, Opechancanough played his final trump cards. Spare his life and let him escape and he will give Longwalker his family back and in one piece. His final card was to give Mong the location and plans of Grendal. Grendal plans to release a variant of the ebola virus in Vatican City. When the people have finished vomiting up blood etc they will have deconsecrated the land and Grendal will walk in and kill the residents of the Sanctuary.

Episode 7 - 1986

The final battles. While the team made their plans to track down the Grendal and stop him releasing the ebola variant in the Vatican city, Longwalkerreturns to check his family are ok. Four hours later a panicked phone call from his family to John Coleman caused him and Eric Calden to go to Reuben's ranch. Reuben had bought into Opechancanough's belief that Temujin must die and had arranged for the others to be absent from the temple so Opie could kill him. John Coleman fought and reluctantly killed Reuben. Meanwhile Eric Calden went to find Opie and instead found Jillian tied up and Longwalker's corpse. Their was a brief skermish but Opechancanough claimed Eric's soul as well. Meanwhile Mong and Keiko Smith arrived at the Vatican to find Reuben's contact had murdered the Cardinal who looked after the Sanctuary. After a brief "disagreement" with the police they returned to the Vatican as [[HighlanderVendetta - Non Player Characters| Grendal] prepared to release the virus. Fortunately the presence of the Azrael was enough for him to delay his action. Grendal and the twins fought Mong and Smith in an abandoned warehouse just outside of Vatican City. Agent Smith fought the twins and died heroically. The battle between Mong and Grendal was swift but brutal with both fighters suffering grave wounds. Against the odds Mong took Grendal's head. The evil of Grendal's soul was cancelled out by the purity of the Azrael soul which means Mong is back to her old self and has her memories back. The game ended with the tired and drained Opie and John Coleman facing each other. Drawing on all their reserves the two warriors faced each other as the clang of steel against steel filled the air.

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