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Born in 1192, Temujin was a mighty warrior and fighter and took part and started many wars. Before his first death Temujin was re-named Genghis Khan and created the Mongol Empire and began to conquer the world. As he grew older Temujin finally found peace through the buddhist religion. He did this by killing an immortal who was also a Buddhist High Priest. The good quickening converted his soul. He bought some land in Texas and started a monastery as a safe haven for all immortals and a place to train young immortals to use their gift but also to learn how to be human.


Born in 1551, Reuben was the first young immortal to seek out Temujin and train with him. Reuben is fiercely loyal to Temujin and is considered by the other immortals to be Temujin's second-in-command.

Sir Edward of Essex

Leader of His Majesty Richard the Lionheart’s forces during the third crusade, killed during the battle of Jaffa in 1191. Security advisor to the Church of Rome and protector of the Church until it became part of Vatican City. Then he founded the Sanctuary to ensure no evil immortal could ever win the prize.

The Seven

The Seven as you call them were founded in the 13th Century in order to protect the Church’s interests in foreign lands. The members of the group changed over the centuries. The last time the Seven were truly together was the massacre in 1602, at the time they were Temujin (aka Genghis Khan), Giancarlo LoFranco, David McNeil, Jagdish Bhailal, Hamza El Kahir, Ashikaga Hoshi and myself. I was the organiser of the group. After that battle Temujin stayed in America, Hamza El Kahir went for a long walk and I never heard from Ashikaga Hoshi again. The other three returned here for the next job.


Born in 1596 Opechancanough, was the son of the Chief of the Powhatan Indian tribe whose main crop was tobacco. As the White man began to settle in Virginia the Indian tribes began to beat back the invaders. During one of the raids they killed the wife and son of the British Governor of America. Naturally the governor wanted revenge so through his catholic connections he hired a groups of mercenaries known as The Seven. Six mercenaries turned up in the Powhatan area in 1602 and slaughtered, tortured and raped every non-white person they found. Man, woman, child and baby died by the sword, none were spared. Opechancanough only survived thanks to the fact his grandparents dead bodies fell on him and covered him from the killers. He alone witnessed the ten day massacre and saw the five men and the one woman. His anger burned inside him and he needed to learn who they were so he could kill them. Days later a member of the Watchers passed through the village and answered the pleas for help from the young Opechancanough. He raised the boy in the order of the Watchers in exchange for details of the massacre. The boy grew up and rose through the ranks but it took him too long to gain the information he needed on the six. In his early seventies he finally had the names and locations of the six, and a rumour of the location of the seventh. He quit the watchers and took his dossier, then he hired some mercenaries and teachers and trained them to be the most elite fighters. He had to wait ‘til his 90th birthday before they were ready to kill their first immortal. He watched in his wagon as his soldiers fought and beat Temujin at his ranch in Texas, his body to weak and frail to fight himself. His men then gave him a sword in order to perform the coup de grace. Opechancanough cut the head off of Temujin and his quickening left his body and entered Opechancanough causing him to die of a heart attack. He awoke in the back of his wagon with his fallen men, thankfully his lieutenants heard him before they burnt the wagon and boarded the train. To Opechancanough’s horror he was a frail and elderly immortal. He stayed below the radar of his fellow immortals and quietly built his league of assassins. With time now on his side he took his time hunting down and killing the remaining members.


The Gregori believe him to be a descendent of the first immortal, Cain. To quote Beowulf:

Every nail, claw-scale and spur, every spike and welt on the hand of that heathen brute was like barbed steel. Everybody said there was no honed iron hard enough to pierce him through, no time proofed blade that could cut his brutal blood caked claw If Grendal wins the prize, then it is the end of all of us.

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