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John Coleman


Player: Kevin Dennis Characters: John - As played by Mel Gibson. And Jullie - As played by Jodie Foster)

A clown, a joker, a Englishman who isn't stuck up and a good swordsman. What more needs to be said about the man who generally has a smile on his face, a bawdy song to sing, a soft heart for those in need and a sword to hand to defend his friends.

More Information to follow as the PCs find out more about the John and his many faces.


Mark Dewhurst


Mong Gay Duk


Alex Vincent

Named by Temujin after she walked into the monastery in late 1660, this oriental woman had no memory of anything other than five decades of almost feral existence in the Everglades of Florida. A chance encounter with another Immortal set her on the path to the monastery, where she has proven herself an adept healer, and skilled with a blade - though utterly clueless about where her skills have come from.

Her tends to keep herself neat and well groomed, a marked contrast to the state she arrived in, and is quite willing to help others where needed, but she has little tolerance for those she considers foolish, and few words even for those she gets along with.

Eric Calden

Mark Horne


Keiko Smith

Ben Fortune


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