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Games Played in 2016

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These are games we have played previously at the club.

Block 4: 18 October – 6 December 2016

Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen


In an audacious bid for power the Cult of the Dragon, along with its dragon allies and the Red Wizards of Thay, seek to bring Tiamat from her prison in the Nine Hells to Faerun. To this end, they are sweeping from town to town, laying waste to all those who oppose them and gathering a hoard of riches for their dread queen. The threat of annihilation has become so dire that groups as disparate as the Harpers and Zhentarim are banding together in the fight against the cult. Never before has the need for heroes been so desperate.


This is the first of two parts in the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Tyranny of Dragons campaign, bringing characters from level 1 through to level 8 as they investigate the Cult of the Dragon. A knowledge of the Faerun setting is beneficial, but not necessary.


Night Witches


There was a night bomber regiment in World War Two composed entirely of women. Natural-born Soviet airwomen.These 200 women and girls, flying outdated biplanes from open fields near the front lines, attacked the invading German forces every night for 1,100 consecutive nights. When they ran out of bombs they dropped railroad ties.

To each other they were sisters, with bonds forged in blood and terror. To the Red Army Air Force they were an infuriating feminist sideshow. To the Germans they were simply NachthexenNight Witches.

Night Witches is a tabletop role-playing game about women at war. As a member of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, you’ll answer the call of your Motherland in her darkest hour. Can you do your duty and strike blow after blow against the Fascists? Can you overcome discrimination and outright sabotage and rise above your sexist comrades? Are there limits to patriotism—or endurance? Play Night Witches and find out! You’ll tell an epic tale of heroism and sacrifice that honours the women who did it for real.

Same page description

  • Who prepares the story?: No-one plans anything. PCs and NPCs just do what seems right at that moment. This might or might not lead to a good story.
  • What can players contribute to the story/setting?: Their character's thoughts, actions, and backstory, plus details after certain kinds of rolls, subject to general approval.
  • The rules (including agreed house rules) will be: followed, come what may.
  • Player characters are: pursuing their own agendas. They might work together, they might work against each other.
  • How brutal is the game? Whenever I miss a roll—and sometimes even when I make it—I want the situation to escalate. PC will be in serious risk on routine sorties.
  • Doing the smartest thing for your character's survival: sometimes isn't as important as other choices.
  • After many sessions of play, during one session, a player decides to have her character side with an enemy. This is: a meaningful moment, powerful and an example of excellent play.

Game details

  • Players: 3–5
  • System: Night Witches (Powered by the Apocalypse)
  • Proposed by: Neil Smith

Masks of Nyarlathotep

A continuation of the game from the previous block.

On to Egypt. Will the investigators find the truth, or only blood,sand and death?

Game details

  • Players: 3-5 (returning players will have priority)
  • System: Call of Cthulhu
  • Proposed by: Andy Nicholson

Milton Keynes By Night: A Vampire Chronicle

It's 2016 in the heart of England. The Gehenna that kindred society whispered of throughout the 20th century? It didn't happen. Recent events in Europe are causing upheaval for the kindred of the United Kingdom. The prince of London, Lady Anne, has disappeared; Sabbat incursions along the Austro-German borders are increasing; the prince of Edinburgh wants to distance Scotland from England by seceding; no-one has heard from kindred in the northern cities of Hull and Newcastle.

Meanwhile the kindred of Milton Keynes are finding their town thrown into the spotlight. Kindred are being drawn here from all areas, and something is hunting them. What sleeps beneath the busy streets? Are all these newcomers as they seem? And what's with all these concrete cows?


Cthulhu in OZ

I'm offering call of cthulhu 1920s based in Australia. Cant say much more than that apart from it an official playtest for a new product for chaosium.

Players will need to sign a Non disclose agreement.


Alpha Blue & Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Additional short-form games, put on at the last minute to accommodate additional members.

Block 3: 2 August – 20 September 2016

Warhammer FRPG 2nd Ed - Down and out In Marienburg

Map of Marienburg
Map of Marienburg

The Grand stinking majesty of Marienburg sits on the mouth of the mighty river Reik and surrounded by the cursed swamp of the independent province of The Wasteland. Here out of the sight of the Empire trade is free and life is cheap, and much heresy is said to be tolerated. The city is built on an ancient Elven ruin, and its island are said to only survive flooding by ancient magics practised by the decadent elves. Vile creatures fill the swamps around the city. Chaos beasts, Skaven and worse infiltrate the sewers from time to time, while travellers by sea visit the city and bring in their own dangers.

In this vast mass of horror and conspiracy are thrust you happy few all recently made unemployed by recent changes to Guild rules on employment within the city, or perhaps having no real job already, you have all been hired by local beneficent and local landowner Goodwife Florette. A woman of incredible virtue and charity who has taken you under her wing as Baliffs, general muscle and debt collectors. Without her all would be lost and you would be but starving wretches, dying in a gutter. A fact the Goodwife reminds you of on regular occassions.

A starting level Warhammer campaign featuring the strange port city, and will feature Chaos Gods, Elven Heresy, Urban decay and maybe a Skaven or two. Many elements of the plot and surroundings will come from a details character generation and city burning discussion at the start of play.

Same page description

The GM’s role is: The GM preps a map with NPCs and/or monsters. The players have their characters travel anywhere they can reach on the map, according to their own goals.

The players’ roles are… to set goals for their characters, and pursue them proactively

The rules (including agreed house rules) will be: followed, come what may.

Player characters are: expected to work together. Major conflicts might erupt but you'll patch them up given some time.

How brutal is the game? Combat is dangerous and survival can be difficult against some enemies.

Doing the smartest thing for your character's survival: sometimes isn't as important as other choices.

After many sessions of play, during one session, a player decides to have her character side with an enemy. This is: only going to last until the other player characters find out and do something about it.

Game details

  • Players: 4-5
  • System: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition
  • Proposed by: Robin Poole

Masks of Nyarlathotep

A continuation of the game from the previous block.

On to Egypt. Will the investigators find the truth, or only blood,sand and death?

  • proposed by : Andy Nicholson

Guards! The Traveller Encounter


Nestled out in the far reaches of the Empire lies the village of Adiiya. Built on a long road to the north, it stands as a stopping point for road-weary travellers and merchants before they once again head out onto the road.

A small contingent of guards maintain the peace in this small town. A Captain, a sergeant, and a handful of guardsmen must deal with drunken brawls, petty thefts, and neer-do-wells alike. So far out from any help, the people must also rely on their guards for protection from anything coming along the road...

You will be playing as the guards of Adiiya; keeping the peace and enforcing the law is up to you. You're going to need to keep an eye on the goings on in the town, listen to reports from its citizens, and track the comings and goings of travellers on the road.

How you enforce the law is up to you. Be ruthless, be merciful, be apathetic... just make sure the citizens don't turn against you.


Players will begin at level 3, with mundane equipment of choice. One player will begin as the captain at level 4. One player will begin as a sergeant.

Generation of the specifics of the town, governing style, etc, will be done during character generation.


Sacraments of Evil

Setting: Cracks in the facade

Nineteenth century England, the green and pleasant land at the height of its glory. One of the most powerful and advanced nations of the world, the British Lion dictates law, defends peace, and makes war when necessary. "The sun never sets on the British Empire," or so the slogan goes.

But there are cracks in the façade, events which undermine Victorian society and stability. The social protests of Dicken's novels. The ecclisiastical firestorm over Darwin's Origin of Species. The Sepoy Muntiny of India. the massacre of General "Chinese" Gordon and his forces at Khartoum. The building decadent movement in the arts, as exemplified by the drawings of Aubrey Beardsley and the prose of Oscar Wilde. The blood, brutal work of Jack the Ripper.

These are but hints of the forces stirring; dark forces which now crawl forth from those cracks; hungry forces which threaten sanity, humanity, and Empire.


Players are upper middle or upper class characters who are members of a spiritualist/Occult group. They have received invites to a seance of a well todo society gentleman. Players can play valet/ ladies maids/ companions of other player charcuter if they wish to have a lower social standing.


Vampire: The Masquerade

A modern day Chronicle, set in Milton Keynes


Block 2: 17th May - 5th July 2016

Masks of Nyarlathotep

Continuing from last block: In a quest to avenge a heinous murder and to rescue a kidnap victim, The Friends are on their way to London.

What will they find there? will they arrive in time ?

And even more importantly...is the Cult of the Bloody Tongue waiting for them ?

Game Details

  • System: Call of Cthulhu
  • Number of Players: 4-6
  • Proposed by Andy Nicholson

Tenra Bansho Zero: Rinden Snarls


The Jahga Republic of Enlightened Peoples has brought freedom to the peoples of the small kingdom of Rinden. For some reason, the Rindenese object to the imposition of these freedoms and the removal of their despotic rulers. The Rinden resistance has fought a guerilla war for the two years since occupation. Despite the grumblings of the Republican occupying forces, Governor Feigon Marown has invited the resistance to mediation talks. Princess Maruihana and her lieutenants are still debating how to respond when your cell receives intelligence of a security gap that could possibly allow you to liberate Princesses Nakesha and Lokora in three days’ time.

Tenra Bansho Zero, the over-the-top Japanese RPG of over-the-top hyper-Asian Japanese anime action. Suits of armour powered by trapped souls! Hulk-transforming samurai! Healers with implanted death-worms! Ninjas! Living dolls! Monks! Priests! Other priests! Non-Euclidean calligraphy! Exclamation marks! And more scenery-chewing than you can shake a wakizashi at!

(See the RPGNet "Inspirational art" thread, Tenra images on Pinterest, character images from Legend of the Five Rings, and photos of the old foot road from Tokyo to Kyoto)

The Ruined Empire is a variant setting for Tenra that brings some of the more… problematic (to Western eyes) aspects of the setting to prominence, turning them into fun story-fodder.

Same page description

Who prepares the story? The GM prepares an overall situation, including giving objectives to the PCs. PCs and NPCs do what seems right at that moment. This might or might not lead to a good story.

What can players contribute to the story/setting? Their character's thoughts, actions, and backstory; everything else is owned by the GM (though the GM will ask for suggestions and inspiration).

The rules (including agreed house rules) will be: followed, come what may.

Player characters are: expected to work together. Major conflicts might erupt but you'll patch them up given some time.

How brutal is the game? Don't hurt my character without warning. Tell me what the consequences of failure could be and let me back out if I don't like it.

Doing the smartest thing for your character's survival: sometimes isn't as important as other choices.

After many sessions of play, during one session, a player decides to have her character side with an enemy. This is: only going to last until the other player characters find out and do something about it.

Game details

  • Players: 3-5
  • System: Tenra Bansho Zero
  • Proposed by: Neil Smith

Paranoia: Welcome to Alpha Complex

Congratulations Troubleshooter, for turning in your collegue for his treason you have been promoted to RED status, the Computer is glad to welcome you and your collegues to Troubleshooter Team "Gamma-177839" with an overall objective being [REDACTED FOLLOWING INTSEC REVIEW].

Please report to your local PLC for equipment issue, grab your laser pistol and assist the Computer in routing out commies. Be aware, your fellow troubleshooters may be some of them!

Unfortunately today's screening of "INFRARED FALLS IN LOVE" has been cancelled following the termination of its creator "Hugh-R-Sol-1" for belonging to the Romantic Society and possessing a non-registered mutation.

Same page description

Who prepares the story? The Computer has dedicated his time to enabling the Troubleshooters to best accomplish their objectives.

What can players contribute to the story/setting? Their character's thoughts and actions; as long as none of them are traiterous, praise the computer!

The rules (including agreed house rules) will be: Followed to the letter, although knowledge of the rules is for those of ULTRAVIOLET Level, anyone below this will be executed for treason.

Player characters are: pursuing their own agendas. They might work together, they might work against each other. All must work for the Computer.

How brutal is the game? Expect at least a 100% death rate, but dont worry, you have 6 clones to choose from.

Doing the smartest thing for your character's survival: may be considered treasonous.

After many sessions of play, during one session, a player decides to have her character side with an enemy. This is: treason, unless the "enemy" is a loyal citizen.

Game details

  • System: Mongoose Paranoia XP
  • Number of Players: 3-6.
  • Proposed by: Will Morris

World War Cthulhu: Cold War - Intersections

Winter 1974. Istanbul is on the front line of the cold war. Word has reached SIS that a suspected Soviet agent wishes to defect. A team of agents are sent to the city to verify if the defection is genuine and to oversee the potential extraction. However, Section 46 have other matters they want the team to look into while they are there. One of the most powerful cults in Europe used to be based in the city, and all reports indicate that they have vanished. Someone (or something) has wiped the board clean. Who has done this, what do they want, and what threat could they pose to the west? Answers are needed before its too late.

Game details

Shadowrun: Beantown Blues

The voices are getting louder. Strange voices, dissonant voices, sometimes babbling nonsense, sometimes telling stories too unbelievable to be true. People are falling prey to the voices, losing their minds as someone or something else slips into their thoughts. It’s affecting people at all levels of society, from squatters in burned-out warehouses to corporate CEOs. It’s spreading, and no one can figure out how to stop it. Boston-based NeoNET is at the center of this storm, and panic is spreading through the streets of the northeastern sprawl. People are scared and people are dying, which means that for any shadowrunner with the right amount of smarts or bravado, there are large sums of money to be made.

What is Shadowrun?

It's the 2070's and the world has changed. Magic is no longer just for fairy tales, it’s real. Some people are more than just human, as the return of magic has caused some to develop traits that have left them labeled as elves, dwarfs, orks, and trolls. Technology has merged with flesh to challenge the strength of old world sorcery and dragons aren’t just in picture books–they’re very real, and they’re running nations and some of the biggest corporations in the world. They call it the Sixth World, and it’s not a friendly place. Mega corporations have ruthlessly consolidated power, and they make everyone dance to their tune. People sell their lives to these megacorps, believing they have no choice. But there are a few who have the skills, guts and nerve to stay independent, finding a way to live in shadowed places of a world not built for them. They can survive and (if they’re lucky) thrive as they master those shadows. They’re outlaws, but they’re tolerated by the powers of the world because they’re useful. They are called shadowrunners.

Game details

  • Players: 3-6
  • System: Shadowrun
  • Proposed by: Bryan Pow

Block 1: 1st March 2016 - 19th April 2016

Masks of Nyarlathotep

An action-adventure take on a classic campaign....so classic scott, Matt and Paul named their podcast after it!

Please note this is likely to take multiple blocks.

Over the years you have fought alongside your good friend, Jackson Elias, to expose religious fanatics, frauds, fakes and hucksters, all over the world. His novels of your adventures have made you rich and, in a minor way, famous.

Now, once again, he needs your help to expose those who would prey upon the innocent.

Who were the Carlyse expedition ? Are they truly dead ? And what is their connection to an ancient Pharoah and rumours of a lost world below?

From New York to London, Cairo, and beyond, you must pit your wits against an evil cult that seeks to unearth secrets from within the depths of the world, secrets that could mean disaster. Bring your fedora and your whip - but don't forget your revolver too , as its a dangerous world out there.

Mystery, Wonder. Fear. Excitement, Travel, Adventure, Voodoo, Blood, Sand, and Death await those who would oppose the servants of the Black Pharoah, Niar-al-rut-Hotep. Are you brave enough to take the challenge ?

  • Game system: Call of Cthulhu
  • Players : 3-6
  • Proposed by Andy Nicholson

Shadowrun : Mitternacht Rising


A group of Eurotrash shadowrunners get embroiled in the global conspiracy stretching from the oily black depths of the North Sea Toxic Zone to the ghoul infested country of Asamando in north Africa and all the way to an offworld space station orbitting earths moon. As usual you never have all the facts and its not always clear who you are working for and how damned you will be by following the mission through. Still as long as you get paid well who cares, right?

Shadowrun is set in an alternate earth, a cyberpunk setting mixed with a magical and fantasy one. Cyberware enhanced trolls, deck weilding elves, human mages and shamans throw magic around in a dystopian future. The corporations rule and fight open warfare in polluted and magic ravaged mega-cities. See What Is Shadowrun

See Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4hhijKuVW4#

The game will be set somewhere in Europe, most likely one of the Allied German States, The United Netherlands, France, Poland or the UK - this, the sprawl you live in and a number of the factions which will affect play will be defined in the first session and will have major impact on the outlined plot above.

We will be using Sixth World, An Apocalypse World rules hack for Shadowrun and a quite mature product. Free Rules Download Here

Game Details

Firefly: Ghosts in the Black

Firefly rulebook cover.jpg

A turn of bad luck sees you in charge of a ship, the Criminal Goat. She's not much to look at but thats how you like it, flying off the radar like. Theres no time for mourning out here though, not with empty bellys a'growling and the Alliance making it harder for decent paying work to come by.

Folk need your help and you and your crew are (possibly) of the kindly disposition to help them. You take a few jobs here and there, keep the credits coming in, but it's not long before you hear tales of a ghost ship, a ship sailin' in the black all by herself, that you thought had been lost during the Unification War.

Your Crew has heard of the Westlake, and the mystery of this legendary warship’s disappearance during the early part of the Unification War. So has everyone plyin’ the Rim’s remotest precincts. Late at night, when the lights go to night mode, the hull-plating starts to creak, and talk turns to dangers of the wanderin’ life, some wise soul will start speculatin’ on the Westlake’s fate and whereabouts.

Some folk think that ship disappeared after the first battle of the War. Other travelers believe it happened later on, right before the Battle of Serenity Valley. Before it vanished, the Westlake, a luxury liner originally commandeered as an Alliance troopship, had been modified for prisoner transport. On its run from Hera to Londinium it up and vanished, along with its cargo of Independent POWs and a treasure trove of secrets.

Running through a few episodes from "Echoes of War" before finishing with the campaign "Ghosts in the Black". Previous players from my Firefly blocks are welcome but those who played in the first season may wish to give the first two episodes a miss. First night will be character generation followed by a prelude/episode 0 thing, and I will not be able to run one of the nights in April due to a wedding.

Game Details

  • System: Firefly (Cortex+)
  • Number of Players: 4-6
  • Proposed by Oli Palmer

Alpha Blue

You wake up in a medical bay with scantily clad nurses and doctors milling about. You feel fine though maybe a little woozy. How did you get here? You realise you don't know how you got here because you can't remember anything before waking. Looking at the machine you are hooked up to you see the words 'Alpha Blue' emblazoned on the side.

Who are you? Why are you here? What is Alpha Blue?

Alpha Blue is a space station the size of a small city, famous for its celebration of vice and sin, where almost anything goes. You and your crew wake up with no memories of your former selves and in the process of rediscovering and redefining yourselves you will get to know Alpha Blue and her inhabitants. Many of which are in need of help from brave souls such as yourself. Can you navigate this alien environment safely without losing yourself to the charms or perils of Alpha Blue?

Warning: Alpha Blue contains numerous adult themes and sexual content. Alpha Blue is a humorous science-fiction roleplaying game; a joke, parody, spoof, homage, satire, and pastiche of 1970's and 80's science fiction television, film, literature, and other media.

Game Details

  • System: Crimson Dragon Slayer (Alpha Blue modified)
  • Number of Players: 4-6
  • Proposed by Victoria Allin

Feng Shui: Kicking History's Ass One Century At A Time


Here's the executive summary: travel through time kicking ass, chewing gum, and blowing sh*t up. Chewing gum sold separately.

Factions of Chi Warriors battle through the Netherworld and across the many junctures of time and space for complete dominion. Feng Shui sites, each potentially a critical nexus of world-changing geomantic power, topple and fall. Reality is re-written time and time again, yet humanity remains oblivious victims to this secret war as history itself, unnoticed, changes around them. Terrible villains, ruthless tyrants, agents of shadowy conspiracies, and abominations of unimaginable power vie for victory in this seemingly endless conflict.

You are amongst the last surviving members of The Dragon, the one faction that could be considered the good guys - which might explain why your particular faction keeps getting killed. A lot.

You are mankind's Last, Best, Hope. Mankind is probably screwed. But that doesn't mean you're not going down without a fight, damnit!

Whether you are Bounty Hunters, Maverick Cops, Everyday Heroes, Ghosts, Hitmen, Martial Artists, Old Kung-Fu Masters, Spies, Sorcerers, or one of a whole bunch of other funky archetypes, I'm offering eight weeks of sheer mayhem rampaging around the time-stream as you fight the Forces Of Evil™ armed only with the power of your Kung Fu, your skill with weapons, your sense of style, and capacity for catchy one-liners. And maybe some high explosives.

Long lost loves will be discovered and very probably rescued! Ancient Enemies will be found and vengeance taken! Great injustices will be put right! Cars will be chased! Running gun battles will be ... run. Lots of buildings, and possibly even some bad guys, will almost certainly be blown up in entertainingly pyrotechnic ways!

The Queen of the Ice Pagoda, one of the Four Monarchs of the Netherworld, awaits you - but will she be friend or foe, ally or bitter enemy? Only one way to find out ...

I'll bring the gonzo plot and nefarious villains, you bring the Awesome.

(note: In case the previous description doesn't give it away, this is a game where we'll not necessarily be taking things 100% seriously)

Game Details

  • System: Feng Shui The Hong Kong Action Movie Roleplaying Game.
  • Number of Players: 3-6
  • Proposed by Martin Goodson