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Andrew Nicholson

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Chair for the year 2010-2011

Gamer and GM of over 30 years experience ; Previously the chairman for the South Beds Immortals wargaming/roleplaying club in ...ermm..1989-90 (ish)

Tend to run Cthulhu, Torg and WEG D6 games by preference, but has run pretty most every genre over the years; Frequently mixes and matches rules and settings (e.g. Traveller setting with D6 Space rules, Skyrealms of Jorune using D&D, etc,etc...).

Campaigns/Scenarios previously run at the club include:

Pathfinder : Burn Offerings / Rise of the Rune lords Call of Cthulhu : Beyond the Mountains of Madness/ Call of Cthulhu : Masks of Nyarlathotep/ Ars Magica : Children of the Steership