Design For Living - Isawa's Diary - Session 3.6

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Looks like the stalling tactics are over. It has been decided, mostly by Tag getting told off - a lot - that the time has come for us to go track down the Jewel of Judgment. Not that I have any real idea what this thing is, except very powerful, and not something the Logrus wishes Fenneval to have.

So, back to that little tunnel thing in the wall of the Abyss, and time to let Romanov play with Trump Gates. Whatever. I wonder if it'll be spectacularly explosive?

Nope. No boom. Ah well...

Weird place. Very clean and shiny. And light. As in, low weight, though it's nicely illuminated as well. Populated by strange kids though. Seems Brand isn't as dead as everyone seems to believe, what with his little army he's training here.

And... Oh look. Violence. If anyone complains about what I did to those kids, I shall simply refer them to the fact that Bloom told me to neutralise any threats we encountered. At least I only killed one of them...

Looks like it's time to bug out again. Bloom's trying to get in touch with Romanov, except apparently someone has hijacked the connection. Benedict. What a shock. Ouch, looks like he's got himself into a proper predicament here... Figures. He did it to himself in order to try and get back in with Fenneval. That's not gonna work, pal.

Bloom's suggesting we take him to Fae in order to get patched up. Sounds interesting. Doubt it'll work out the way she's planning though.

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