Design For Living - Isawa's Diary - Session 3.7

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The army of Chaos is on the move toward Fenneval, and everything I have been forced to set in motion is coming together nicely. Now it's my turn...

Atikus and Malara are off to do some scouting. This seems like a prime opportunity to me. I know Malara can get through shadow on her own, but the other one... Not so much. I think I'll let Benedict know about this little undercover mission, and see how things turn out.

But that's just a sideline. My main concern is Bloom and Tag, and the keeping them alive. They seem to have accepted my suggestion that I could get them out if it all gets too dangerous. Surprising, that they didn't ask any questions as to how.

Perhaps they trust me.

Still, their foolishness aside, Bloom is useful, and I'd hate to have to write off all the effort I've put into Tag... I guess we'll just have to see what happens.

Fenneval WILL fall. I just need to make sure I get out with a whole skin. It'll be good to be able to use my full abilities in the open again - power like mine was never meant to be contained. The Logrus has what it wants, and now it's time for Isawa to express just how she feels about being forced into betrayal.

Me, Tag, and Bloom. Perhaps not much of an army, but the best insurgency operations had little in the way of resources, yet achieved great things.

The army has arrived. The fighting has begun. Benedict seems quite happy for me to "manitain my cover" within Fenneval. Good. I have some nicely offensive spells prepared, and a collection of blades thirsty for blood. Let's see how many Chaos troops I can slaughter before it's time to leave.

This ought to be fun...

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